My DIY Christmas Tree Alternative (Plus 4 More Ideas)

This year I opted out of the traditional Christmas Tree business. I wanted some different. Here's what I decided to go with this year. It's simple, easy to put up and take down and really [I think] adorable! Just think: A Christmas tree can be as simple as stringing lights on the wall.

DIY String Light Christmas Tree - Christmas tree alternative

If you want to recreate here's how I did it: 


4 Sets of string lights
Clear Thumb Tacks
Measuring Tape

To do: 

1. Start by measuring 50 inches across for the bottom row and mark up 65 inches high from bottom row.
2. Mark lines 5 inches up until you right the top point of 65 inches (Small mock up diagram below)
3. As you mark the lines up, each row should be 4 inches shorter than the one beneath it.

4. Use small clear thumbtacks, three for each row to hang the lights on.
5. Begin at the bottom and wrap the lights around the thumbtacks.
6. After you reach the top add another layer of lights loosely over the first set.

I had my niece help me with this project. It's seriously so easy a kid can do it.

and then you are finished! Click below to check out some of my other projects:

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DIY String Light Christmas Tree - Christmas tree alternative

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