Wicker Furniture + Spray Paint

I am hard at work trying to turn my deck into a lovely space. I have been browsing for furniture, and wow, is patio furniture expensive or what!?

I have a two chair set from Big Lots that was gifted to me 5 years ago. I still love the chairs for the most part. I love how big and comfy they are and also they seem to fit perfectly. What I didn't like is the color. They are brown and just didn't match well with my patio. I have made some updates to the cushions previously but I felt I needed a bigger change.

Here is the chairs after the cushion and new pillow update.

You can check out more about that process HERE

For this second update, I updated my chairs using Rustoleum Spray Paint in Slate. Two cans were enough for both chairs. I was able to get my mother to help me with this makeover. Check out my tips at the end of the post.

And just like that, they were complete! We did two coats on each chair. With the wicker it is important to make sure you are getting into all the nooks and crannies. Once I brought the chairs onto the patio I found some spots I missed. I pulled out my plastic and covered those spots.

We have really been enjoyed our spot with the changes we have made so far. We like to lounge out here alot!

Here's some tips for you:
1. Make sure to thoroughly clean your chairs
2. Spray paint in a well lit area, you want to be able to see if your coverage is even
3. Do a couple of light coats. It's better to do light coats than a big heavy coat. The finish looks way better!

So what do you think?

Turning a Crib into a Vertical Garden

Today I wanted to shared how I turned my daughter's old crib into a vertical garden. I have been long looking for a way to add flowers near or around my patio. We have a water drainage issue so planting them in the ground is not a good option. I had been researching online for some alternative ideas and ran across the vertical garden idea.

It seemed simple enough to do so I planned to head to The Home Depot to get the supplies...and that's where my daughter's crib comes in. I have also been in the process of purging my house of unneeded items. My daughters crib was on the way to the dumpster when I realized it looked like it would be a perfect fit for a vertical garden....and this my friends is how all this came about. 

If you have a old crib laying around give this a try.

Crib Frame
Shower Curtain Hooks
Spray Paint
Metal Pails
Soil + Plants

Here is a before pic I have of the crib frame. Please excuse the porch as I am currently working on fixing that up for the #1Room30Days Project. You can read more about that HERE.

I found my pails and shower curtain hooks at Target. The pails were $1 a piece and the hooks were on clearance for $5. We poked holes in the bottom of the cans to help with drainage.

My daughter was my little helper as usual on this. I had her fill the pail about 1/3 full of soil and then add her flowers. We repeated this step for every pail. I love doing little projects where she can be involved. Kids today spend so much time with technology and TV and I think it's good to get her exposed to doing other things.

We finished and tested our idea out before we began spray painting. You can see the shower curtain hooks that we used. I love the design of them and they are pretty sturdy.

Lastly we spray painted. I chose white because I thought it popped well with the bricks.

What do you think of this project? It was super easy to complete!

PROJECT: #1Room30Days Kickoff: Patio Makeover

I'm back again with another 30 day project! This will be the last one for a while! I am working on my front patio. When I was house shopping I always wanted a house with a large front patio that I could put chairs on and make super cozy.

...truth is, is that I love to people watch. I'm like the old lady in the neighborhood that watches all the cars go by and knows everyone's schedule. No Shame! lol

I spent this week pulling together some inspiration. I actually have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to my inspiration that you can check out HERE!

Here is my favorite!

I want these lights so bad too!

I also want to be able to enjoy my area, so I have to make sure my area is mosquito free. I live near a lake so the mosquitoes are REAL! I'll be using some of these ideas here!

(Click the pictures for the original sources)

Stay tuned for all my updates!