My Friend's Space: Eclectic Beauty

This past Sunday I visited my friend's house. She recently purchased a house that she is renovating. I really love her house and it has a lot of great potential. She is about finished with her living room, with the exception of painting. I love how it looks. She chose an eclectic is so gorgeous!
(Please excuse some of the quality these photos as I took them with my cell phone)

I love the blue tones in her space! and let's talk about this coffee table. It is gorge! She got it from Restoration Hardware.

She also found some great pieces at Goodwill. She had the couch on the right reupholstered and the chairs to left are as they were purchased. I love both pieces!

She used accent pieces to bring in pops of orange into the room such as this orange pillow and the orange and yellow accent piece against the wall. The wall art also has the hints of orange in it.

And here is another view of the room. I so wish I could have gotten a good picture of the front of these brown chairs. Unfortunately, the lighting and my cell phone just could not get the job done. But please know they are also great pieces she also found at Restoration Hardware.

A special thanks to my friend, Cyana for letting me show off her space on my blog.

So what do you think of this space?

Dining Room Updates

A couple of weeks ago, I shared this post about updates I was making in my dining room/deck entry area. This weekend I did a little more work on the room. I have been extra lazy on the DIY front lately...that quickly changed when I went to browse through Hobby Lobby and found a picture I really liked. I thought it would look good in the dining room. It didn't hurt that the picture was on sale marked down to $24.00 from $119.00! Major deal!
So here's a little background about my dining room. When we first moved here I went on a painting frenzy. I was painting the walls all kinds of colors. I think mostly because I had been living in an apartment where painting was restricted. So I figured my place, my paint choices. I painted the dining room two different times, the latest being a yellow-golden shade. I hated it two months later but never got around to changing in.
So this weekend I finally made the change, encouraged by my picture find, and also a $30 -5 gallon bucket of Behr paint + primer I found months ago (that I have literally painting every wall with).

Here's the after. I love it! So much brighter! and I really like the artwork! I have an open floor plan and the reddish color ties in nicely with my living room.

 Here's the before. I think the paint color really darken the room and I just couldn't find a good match for it.
And of course my little helper. She's busy drawing letters on the wall with the paint.

I plan on trying to build a console table to put under the picture to set up a mini bar area. Also, I need to get a rug for under the table, change the covers on my chair cushions, and lastly, spray paint the vase that you see the stick coming out of and I will be done with this space!
Let's see if I can finish this room by the end of August! Wish me luck. 
Until next time!