Eclectic Dining Room

It took about three months to get this space finished. This is my first time actually having a room fully completed in my house with everything I love. Over the years I would say my style has shifted a bit from contemporary to more of an eclectic vibe. It kinda fit my personality. I'm simple but there a bit of randomness that just goes. 

Initially looking at the room you may notice the beautiful wall map. This mural was painted by my god-sister, by hand, no stencil, no tracing.. just straight free forming. It was amazing watching it all come together. I tried to stay out of her way as she created it, but it was hard to not just stare and watch.

I've spoken about before my recent love of travel. Granted I've only been on one international trip, but I have been making some progress in seeing new cities domestically. One thing I'm trying to infuse into everything I design is my passions. I love to entertain and I love to travel. This map is a bit of an encouraging reminder to get out and see the world.  Every time I visit a new city I put a push pin in the wall.

When it come to entertaining, I'm pretty simple,  I like to have my favorite drink with my favorite people. I purchased two of the IKEA shoe cabinets and turned it into my mini bar. It holds all my special glass and drinks, discretely.

Another new addition to the room was my light fixture. I wanted something simple that would stand out and I was surprised to find that Target carried beautiful light fixtures... this is no plug, I was just truly surprised. It also wasn't too bad on the pocket. I believe it was about $129.00. Because I'm not a fan of downward light I did not put a bulb in the bottom of the chandy, but I don't think it looks to bad without one.

This is no doubt my most favorite room I have put together. I am absolutely in love. My daughter loves it too and hangs out and reads in the dining room. And lastly, I purchase a new table from American Signature, again another surprise find that was not expensive. Only $260. 

I spray painted my silver metal chairs a bronze finish to match with the chandy. I love love love it all. I can't want to finish the next area of my house!

If you want to get an idea of my style and the different phases of the dining room check out this post:

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California Dreaming

This year I took my first trip to Cali... I know it, like who hasn't been to Cali! ...I am one of those people, well up until February.

I have to be honest, Cali is beautiful, the vibe is amazing but as a southern girl, for me, Cali is strictly a place just for visiting, not settling down.

The weather was perfect. Coming from Georgia in February where it was winter weather to sunny Cali was amazing. Summer clothes in the winter, i'll take it! I realized more than anything that I was a southern girl on this trip. I've never really considered myself southern, since I'm originally from Cleveland, but I guess it's time to claim my southern roots!

I think us Southern folks like thing slow and chill.. to me Cali felt very much the opposite.

The Hollywood Sign

What's one thing everyone wants to see when they got to Cali, If you guessed the Hollywood sign, you're probably right. Imagine seeing the Hollywood sign, it seems to be in the near distance, you keep walking and then boom, 40 minutes later you still aren't there and it's further away!

Needless to say, we didn't get too close up on the sign, but seeing it waaaaaay off in the distance, in person was pretty cool.

but on the way there I was able to snap this awesome photo... I love how the palm trees line the street. Nope the camera isn't crooked, the tress all lean to the left. I wonder why that is???

Rodeo Dr

After the Hollywood Sign search we ventured to Rodeo Dr. We walked around the fancy area of town for a hour or so, the area was beautiful and was exactly what I would imagined it would be.

Walk of Fame

Again, I had a totally different perception of what the Hollywood Walk of Fame was.. I pictured some sectioned off part of town, somewhere near a big building, maybe an eternal flaming burning... ok I was way off, it's basically a bunch of side walks with stars on it. I was underwhelmed, can't lie, but again it was cool to see it in person

The Food

We of course had to check out Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles....listen! the food was sooooo good. I'm a huge chicken and waffle fan so I knew this was a must try. I was not disappointed!

We also checked out Catch, I'm not much of a seafood person, but from what I heard from everyone the food was great. I stuck with the chicken...But the entrance to the place was beautiful. These lights and greenery made the perfect area for photos.

Well Cali, thank you for being so nice to me! It was real! It was my first time, but it def won't be my last!

Style Crush: The Dime Building - Detroit, MI

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Detroit. We stayed in the downtown area and was in town to celebrate my cousin's birthday.

I'm a huge breakfast person, so when the group talked about walking around to find a good breakfast spot, I was immediately down. I can eat breakfast anytime of the day, literally ANYTIME. We stumbled upon The Dime Building that has a little brunch spot inside.

After doing a little bit of research, I learned that The Dime Building is one of Detroit's oldest skyscrapers. It got its name from a interesting marketing tactic, and being a marketer I found this story pretty interesting. The bank did not have a lot of capital so it came up with the plan of allowing anyone with a dime to open up an account. This idea turned out to be a profitable one, and lured in many customers. The bank went on to be very successful.

....and the rest is history....

But let's talk about this beautiful decor. I was so in love with this lamp. I love an interesting lamp. This lamp base is calling my name!

One thing I really loved about this space was the mix of colors and textures. This space features a cognac leather couch, eggplant microfiber benches and green linen armchairs.

I have lately found myself drawn to rich colors, and I love this mix. This gave me some ideas for my bedroom makeover.

 Another thing I loved about this space was how they took a big open area and sectioned it off into different spaces. Most newly built houses are open floor plans. I have one myself and my set up of furniture has always helped to break up the space.

They used a large long table to break up the sitting area and added more rich colors through the use of these purples chairs.

Lastly, one of my golden rules is always to add something 'alive' to a space. This space had big beautiful trees and plants throughout the space. Adding this simple element really made the place feel alive. This reaffirms my belief of adding greenery to spaces.

Always remember, inspiration can be found anywhere. I was not only inspired by the decor but also with the history of this building.  The power of people putting their dimes together built a successful bank. There are a couple lessons I can draw from this:

1. A little goes a long way
2. Small steps accomplishes Large goals

Check out my other Style Crush Post and let me know what you think of this crush.