It's looking so much better already! [Back Deck Reno]

We are not wasting any time getting the back deck fixed up. I want to be ready for Memorial Day Weekend to have my friends and family over. I'm picturing food, drinks, spades & dominoes. A nice comfy outdoor set, nice rug, and some shade.. sounds so relaxing! ...but until all this happens I have to get my head out the clouds and get to work.

We got that big, ugly, bug & animal infested, view obstructing bush taken down! What a difference already! (...and why did we what over a year to do this again?!?) 

Beautiful View!...Ugly Deck [Back Deck Reno Begins]

I love waking up every morning to the view of our lake. The bedroom windows faces the lake and it is really a pretty sight. Here's the view in the Spring/Summer.

But when it comes to sitting outside.... that's another story. The view is beautiful but the surroundings, in particular our back deck, is ugly! Horrible really!! 

Well Springtime is here and Brandon is in Man-beast mode (as he calls it) and has started tackling the outside of the house... first up.. The back deck!

So here's a look at the before... 

Yum! My Mom's Salmon Patties

A little over two weeks ago, I called my mom and ask her if she wanted to come over for dinner. She of course said yes...but little did she know she would be doing the cooking! I admit, I didn't let her know my master plan when I called..but hey.. who doesn't like home cooked meal from their mom!

I already had planned what I wanted her to make.. SALMON PATTIES. I love her salmon patties! I can really eat them all day!  So today I will be sharing how she makes them.

Here's what you need to make these yummy patties:

The Before & Afters of the Entryway

Do you love before and afters as much as I do?? I think it's cool to see the transformation of things and then actually seeing those things being put to use. Today I'm sharing the before and afters of my entryway. All of these were simple to do and can be completed in very little time.

The before and after of the Entryway:

Welcome to my Entryway!

Well I finally got a room (space) completed...My Entryway! Ok Ok I know it's not technically a "room" but who cares! I'm glad to have something actually completed in the house.  So here's the entryway:

This space was a little bit of challenge for me because it is so small and narrow.

{DIY} $10.00 Rug Update + How to Stencil a Rug

Work has begun on my "Projects I'm starting although I haven't completed projects in progress" list. I'm scratching off the Entry Way and hope to be finished with it by the end of the week with pictures to show you all. 

I'm looking for cost effective ways to make these updates and I was able to do so by adding a stencil to a rug that I already had. Adding a stencil to a rug is a easy way to add a pop of pattern to a space.

Behind the Big Green Door {An Introduction}

Anybody around here noticed a major change over the last week??  Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis will know that every week I have a new banner, new background, or new format. It's that indecisiveness in me that keeps things changing around here. However, I think I'm on the road to stability and promise I won't be confusing ya'll for too much longer.

So here's the major change around here:

Blog Name:  "Behind the Big Green Door

I honestly felt the first blog name didn't truly fit me. As much as I love DIY, I am no DIY expert.. and honestly my DIY efforts come from necessity.. also known as not having enough money to pay someone to do it or buy it! Long story short... I love creating beautiful things, however that spans much further that just DIY.

Behind the Big Green Door is simply about everything that goes on in my house (Behind my Big Green front Door) I want to share more of what goes on here and most of it isn't DIY. I will still do DIY but I also want to share other things. I'm really trying to find my voice and my purpose in this blogging world and I think the experiences in these last three month has kinda put me on a path that I need to be on.