PROJECT: #1Room30Days Week 4: Home Office Makeover

I can't believe we have come to the end of week 4 for PROJECT: #1Room30Days. This week was crazy busy and I spent alot of time painting and spray painting.  For this post I want to show you before and after of the things I finished this week. 

First, here is the wall opposite of the door. If you remember from before, this was my daughter's bedroom so it was a pink wall. 

Afterwards, the wall is fully painted in this beautiful color, Raindrop White by Glidden.

Next, was my $12.00 Goodwill lamp. I love this lamp because it is so massive! I spray painted it using Rustoleum's Champagne Pink for the base, Champagne for the bottom and white spray paint for the shade. 

Next up was my old file cabinet. I found this at Goodwill for $8.00 and I knew I wanted to give it a makeover.

I opted for all white, because I want the room to be super bright. I love the how everything is coming together! 

I am really in love with how everything is coming together, and this Wednesday I will be sharing the final complete space! In the meantime, catch up on all my post for this project, PREWEEKWEEK 1, WEEK 2, WEEK 3

You can also so more behind the scenes detail on my Instagram: @alayadonetta and search the hashtag #1Room30Days to see all the participants progress. 

Until Wednesday!

PROJECT: #1Room30Days Week 3: Home Office Makeover

We have come to the end of week 3 for PROJECT: #1Room30days. Most of this week was spent putting up my corkboard wall. If you remember from my Inspiration post, I was in love with the idea of a corkboard wall. This thing was not easy to get up! I'll share a tutorial on this soon! 

I also did alot of spray painting this week. I found these letters at Hobby Lobby that was brown and spray painted them white. I also spray painted these shelves I found at Goodwill for $4. They were originally a royal blue.

I still have MORE spray painting to do, I want to make this lamp gold with a white shade, and spray paint my file cabinet and paper holder. I found all of these items at Goodwill.

If you noticed from last week, I originally planned for this area to be a two persons desk. The more I thought about it, I realized that, this was suppose to be my little castle. So babygirl will have to use the desk in her room instead of sharing one with me. She of course, was not too happy about this, but hey, us as mommies have to have our own space to unwind and relax.

That wraps it up for this week. Check out my past post HERE.

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Until next week!

PROJECT: #1Room30Days Week 2: Home Office Makeover

Well Friends we have come to the end of week 2 for PROJECT: #1Room30Days! This week was all about painting! Painting always seems fun until you get started... at least that's how it is for me. This room use to belong to my daughter hence the wall treatment. That, of course, couldn't stay so we set about getting it painted.

As always, my little helper was on deck. Doesn't she look adorable in her little glasses?! She got them about a month ago and she is so excited about them!

...and it was complete. I painted the room Raindrop White by Glidden. I love the color, it has a blue/light gray tint. It's very calming in the room. Also, it's a nice soft white that isn't too harsh.

I have alot of work to do on this side of the room! I plan on painting this file cabinet, creating a corkboard wall and adding shelves. Of course, there will be decor too!

The other side of the room is already painted the same color and you can see that view HERE.

Catch up on all things PROJECT: #1Room30Days.. KICKOFF and WEEK 1.

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Until next week!

Jazmine Irene Studio: Beautiful Prints for Your Home

As you may know I have been working on decorating my home office space. I created a gallery wall and have made progress that you can read about HERE and HERE.

One thing I have been incorporating into my space is beautiful prints. I love having words of affirmation around the house to keep my mind positive. When I'm feeling down and out I love to read these messages.

I received the most gorgeous handmade prints from Jazmine Irene Studio!

Jazmine Irene studio is a small design studio, offering a fabulous collection of faith based, inspirational and motivating stationary. Real gold foil prints - note cards - note pads - personalized gifts - & much, much more to come. 

I absolutely love these prints! The pictures are of great quality. I love how the gold foil pops on the background.

What I love most about her Jazmine Irene Studio's Etsy shop is that not only can you receive the prints that she has available, but you can also receive custom prints. The quotes I received were custom done. It's so great have the quotes that mean most to you come to life through beautiful artwork.

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For more information and ordering check out Jazmine Irene Studio on Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram!

This post was sponsored by Jazmine Irene Studios. No financial compensation was received, however I did receive prints to review. All opinions are my own

PROJECT: #1Room30Days Week 1: Home Office Makeover

We have come to the end of week one of PROJECT: 1 Room 30 Days. This week we focused on decluttering, cleaning and taking inventory around the house. I was able to get a lot of that done this week and also I was able to find a desk for my space. Although we are focusing on certain tasks every week, we of course and working on other things in the room too!

If you remember from my last post, I wanted an area that could be used by two people. So here is some progress I made through the week.

I purchased the Linnmon Desk and Adlis legs from IKEA for about $60.00. I was looking for a low cost option for this space since I can't say I will be in here a lot. I think I'll make bigger investment for the bedroom that is soon to come.  I had my little helper on deck to help out with putting the desk together so it took no time at all.

Remaining plans for this area is to paint the file cabinet that I found at Goodwill for about $7.00 - I want it to serve as drawers for the desk so I will need to build something under it to heighten it a bit-paint the walls and add some shelving. I also plan on incorporating the corkboard wall I post in my last post as well.

I do have the other side of the room mostly completeed and you can check that out HERE.

Check out some of the other participants progress as well:

These talented ladies have some big plans in the works!

For my non-bloggers you can catch all the action on Instagram: Search hashtag #1Room30days

Thanks for reading and more details to come on my next weekly recap!

PROJECT: #1Room30Days Kickoff: Home Office Makeover

Hey Friends! Today I am excited to be kicking off my PROJECT: #1Room30Days. If you don't know about it check out the information page. I'm so excited about this project because I love helping and motivating people to make changes in their lives. Sometime we all just need a little push to get us going and help us stay on track. I will be spending the next 30 days motivating a great group of ladies and somewhere in there I know I will be motivating myself too!

Over the next 30 days expect me to share the room I'm working on and my progress. I'll also be sharing progress of my participants. You can catch all the behind the scene and day to day deets on my Instagram: @alayadonetta or by searching the hashtag on Instagram: #1Room30Days.

Now, I have been talking about doing this room for FOUR, yes FOUR years! If you have been a reader for a while then  you will remember me discussing my home office. You can catch up on all the old talk HERE.

Here is some inspiration for my space:

I love the colors in this space from love, charmaine! It's very feminine and just looks so welcoming. My house is mostly gender neutral, and because this space is purely my own, I'm going super girly!

Organization will be a major factor in my space. How beautifully organized is this space from Best Friends for Frosting!

I'm thinking I want a huge corkboard wall. It'll be nice for decor and organization. I love this wall!

Lastly, I want to have a built in desk love that both me and my daughter can use. This will be perfect from us. I saw this space on and the creator nailed this space perfectly!

Stay tuned for next week on more updates to my space. At the end of the 30 days I will share my before pictures, but for now, those are limited to those participating in the project! (They are truly embarrassing!) Also, at the end of this project I will share all the participants before and after. I am already so proud that they have signed up for this project!

Remember, you can catch all the behind the scene and day to day deets on my Instagram: @alayadonetta or by searching the hashtag on Instagram: #1Room30Days.

What do you think of my inspiration?