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Welcome to Behind the Big Green Door, my little space on the web where I share my passions and interests! This blog began back in 2012, over the years it has grown slowly but surely. My 'House Guest' (as I call my readers) has proven to be loyal and I could not be more proud of the progress I have made here!

You will find great tips and ideas on many topics ranging from home decor and travel to life in general and everything in between. Consider this site your destination for all things lifestyle! I hope you love this site as much as I do! Projects from this blog has been featured on sites such as:

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Want to learn more about Behind the Big Green Door? Feel free to reach me through the contact page at the top of the blog. I check my email quite often so don't worry you will hear back from me soon!

About the Author....  

It's me, Alaya, Marketing Analyst by day and lifestyle blogger by night. I love sharing my ideas and tips with others and have found that this blog has been a perfect outlet for just that. 

I am a mommy to one human child and one puppy child. I'm proud to have my little mini me here helping on the blog at times and truly consider her to be one of my greatest blessings. 

Outside of blogging I love trying new recipes and binge watching my favorite series, yes the same shows over and over lol, I've picked up a new love of travel and will be sharing more of that on the blog. Thanks for joining me and hope to see you around for a while!


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