30 by Thirty Check In

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday! I had a great birthday that I spent mostly with my family and close friends.

I have share with you these delicious sweets I had. The were as good as they look! I went to a Tapas spot with one of my sisters. This chocolate cake was divine!

..and these cupcakes! My sis makes the cutest and yummiest cupcakes and cakes ever. These are german chocolate cupcakes with toasted coconut. Don't these look good! She made them special for my birthday!

So, last year, I wrote this post about 30 things I wanted to accomplish by the time I turn 30. Ya'll I have a long way to go. Looking back at this list I'm realizing I haven't done much, so I need to get to work over the next two years.

So here's my list, I have scratched off things I accomplished and provided some deets below:

1. Take a Cruise
2. Get a passport
3. Travel Internationally - anywhere!
4. Visit California
5. Visit D.C Capitol and historic sites
6. Climb Stone Mountain
7. Take road trip cross-country

8. Get Bachelors Degree in Marketing
Yaay! I finally got my degree! I finished May of this year and I could not be more happy!
9. Learn Spanish
10. Start Blog
This was accomplished during year 27, so nothing new here
11. Participate in Community Service providing any expertise I have on Marketing/Social Media
12. Start career in the Marketing Field - specifically online/internet/email/social media marketing

13. Get Married
14. Have 2nd child
15. Adopt a dog
So I adopted a dog, but it didn't work out for our family, so sad we had to return him. But we did get to experience adopting a pet and the best advice I can give on this is to know that a dog, like people, have set personalities and if you are adopting an older dog (as we did) it may be difficult to adjust. So I say, go for a puppy if you can, unless you have patience.
16. Have 1 year worth of living expenses saved in the bank
17. Be completely debt free (Student loans included!)
18. Finish decorating entire house -- but can you ever really finish...?? :) 
19. Purchase 2nd house (this can spill over into 30 but I want to be on my way to another home)

20. Skydive
21. Skinny Dip
22. Go to Gun range
23. Get another tattoo
24. Go skiing
25. Go camping

26. Try Shrimp, Lobster and Crab
27. Take professional family pictures
28. Get facial
29. Learn how to use 2 big power tools
30. Plant a vegetable garden and actually use it

So as you can see I have a ways to go! But I think I'll get started on this soon so that I'll have something more to report next year.


I wanted to share this quick and easy project that you can do. I made this cute yellow flower pot out of an old burned bug repellent candle. I thought the tin was so cute and was a great pop of color to add to my porch.

It's quite simple to do, just empty the candle out of the tin, cut a hole in the bottom of the tin for drainage and plant your flower. So simple and free!

Have you ever repurposed anything into a flower pot? Do share!

Behind the Big Green Door: Blog Tag!

My blogger buddy, Erin tagged me in a blog tag. She blogs over at Live Pretty on a Penny. Visit her blog for great DIY inspiration, she also an awesome MUA!

Now for the blog tag, I've been given a list of questions to answer so here they are:

Are you named after someone:
Yes, I was named after a random lady on Cleveland radio My mom liked her name, so that's how I ended up with it.

When's the last time you cried:
Just this past Saturday.. I've become such a big cry baby since having Rhyan.

Do you have kiddos:
Yep, a beautiful little 5 year old girl!

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself:
I sure would, I'm a great friend who people can always depend on (so I've been told :) )

Do you have a guilty pleasure:
Yes, Jerry Springer (hangs head in shame) When I wasn't working I watched it twice a day.

Do you like handwriting:
I can't say I have anything against handwriting... I've always wished I had better handwriting but I was doomed from the start being a lefty.

What's your favorite cereal:
LOVE Cinnamon Toast Crunch

What's the first thing you notice about people:

What's the color of your eyes:

Scary movie or happy endings:
Happy Endings (I'm such a sap ugh!)

Favorite TV Shows:
OITNB, Scandal, Breaking Bad (Can they please make more seasons!!), Jerry Springer, Family Guy, South Park, The Office, LHHATL

Summer or Winter:

Hugs or Kisses:

Do you have a special talent:
does DIY count?

Where were you born:
Cleveland, OH

What are your hobbies:
DIY, decorating, shopping

Do you have any pets:
Yep, a Yorkie named Cici

Favorite Movie:
Any superhero movie, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, X-Men

What color is your car:

What do you want to be when you grow up:
Alive.. lol. No really, I would love to do work in Marketing. It's my passion. I'm getting closer and closer to my dream job and I'm excited about it!

Now I'm tagging: my love, Jana who blogs over at The Jane Tales. She's a fashion blogger with amazing taste!

On a Personal Note: Saying goodbye to Noah

Who knew saying goodbye to a dog would be so emotional?? I have never considered myself a dog person so I didn't expect having to surrender one of our dogs today would be so hard. We've had him for 6 months and my daughter absolutely adores him.

Unfortunately, our little Noah wasn't developing correctly and was looking at a pretty difficult life the older he got. So after taking him to the vet today, we decided to surrender him to the vet in hopes he will find a family that will be able to financially support his needs.

So here's a short tribute to Noah!

DIY: Stenciled Curtains

Here's a little update that I have been working on lately. We have been working on the front and back patio, and I wanted to make the entry to the back deck look a little nicer.

I wanted some new curtains for my sliding doors. The cost was going to be a little much for two panels because of the height of my ceilings. So I went with stenciling the curtains that I already had.

Here is the before and after of the space. Before was the walls was golden and the plain curtains were boring

I stenciled the curtains and painted the walls a neutral color to brighten up the area. I also added a piano bench I found at the thrift store for $8.00. You can see in the before and after that some work is being done on the porch too. I will discuss that in a later post.

The curtains are from Ikea and were pretty inexpensive. I used about 3 sample sizes of Behr Muted White for the curtains and a stencil from Hobby Lobby. The total cost to update these curtains were about $20.00. I like the white against the khaki color. When the sun shines through them it looks a bit silvery.

Here's a close up of the pattern. It was quite a tedious process and literally took hours. I don't see myself doing this again for a while! I think the updated curtains and lightened walls really made the space much better and brighter. I love it!

I have stenciled a rug before, so if you need the how-to for this check out this post. It's a similar process.

What do you think?