I wanted to share this quick and easy project that you can do. I made this cute yellow flower pot out of an old burned bug repellent candle. I thought the tin was so cute and was a great pop of color to add to my porch.

It's quite simple to do, just empty the candle out of the tin, cut a hole in the bottom of the tin for drainage and plant your flower. So simple and free!

Have you ever repurposed anything into a flower pot? Do share!

Behind the Big Green Door: Blog Tag!

My blogger buddy, Erin tagged me in a blog tag. She blogs over at Live Pretty on a Penny. Visit her blog for great DIY inspiration, she also an awesome MUA!

Now for the blog tag, I've been given a list of questions to answer so here they are:

Are you named after someone:
Yes, I was named after a random lady on Cleveland radio My mom liked her name, so that's how I ended up with it.

When's the last time you cried:
Just this past Saturday.. I've become such a big cry baby since having Rhyan.

Do you have kiddos:
Yep, a beautiful little 5 year old girl!

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself:
I sure would, I'm a great friend who people can always depend on (so I've been told :) )

Do you have a guilty pleasure:
Yes, Jerry Springer (hangs head in shame) When I wasn't working I watched it twice a day.

Do you like handwriting:
I can't say I have anything against handwriting... I've always wished I had better handwriting but I was doomed from the start being a lefty.

What's your favorite cereal:
LOVE Cinnamon Toast Crunch

What's the first thing you notice about people:

What's the color of your eyes:

Scary movie or happy endings:
Happy Endings (I'm such a sap ugh!)

Favorite TV Shows:
OITNB, Scandal, Breaking Bad (Can they please make more seasons!!), Jerry Springer, Family Guy, South Park, The Office, LHHATL

Summer or Winter:

Hugs or Kisses:

Do you have a special talent:
does DIY count?

Where were you born:
Cleveland, OH

What are your hobbies:
DIY, decorating, shopping

Do you have any pets:
Yep, a Yorkie named Cici

Favorite Movie:
Any superhero movie, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, X-Men

What color is your car:

What do you want to be when you grow up:
Alive.. lol. No really, I would love to do work in Marketing. It's my passion. I'm getting closer and closer to my dream job and I'm excited about it!

Now I'm tagging: my love, Jana who blogs over at The Jane Tales. She's a fashion blogger with amazing taste!

On a Personal Note: Saying goodbye to Noah

Who knew saying goodbye to a dog would be so emotional?? I have never considered myself a dog person so I didn't expect having to surrender one of our dogs today would be so hard. We've had him for 6 months and my daughter absolutely adores him.

Unfortunately, our little Noah wasn't developing correctly and was looking at a pretty difficult life the older he got. So after taking him to the vet today, we decided to surrender him to the vet in hopes he will find a family that will be able to financially support his needs.

So here's a short tribute to Noah!

DIY: Stenciled Curtains

Here's a little update that I have been working on lately. We have been working on the front and back patio, and I wanted to make the entry to the back deck look a little nicer.

I wanted some new curtains for my sliding doors. The cost was going to be a little much for two panels because of the height of my ceilings. So I went with stenciling the curtains that I already had.

Here is the before and after of the space. Before was the walls was golden and the plain curtains were boring

I stenciled the curtains and painted the walls a neutral color to brighten up the area. I also added a piano bench I found at the thrift store for $8.00. You can see in the before and after that some work is being done on the porch too. I will discuss that in a later post.

The curtains are from Ikea and were pretty inexpensive. I used about 3 sample sizes of Behr Muted White for the curtains and a stencil from Hobby Lobby. The total cost to update these curtains were about $20.00. I like the white against the khaki color. When the sun shines through them it looks a bit silvery.

Here's a close up of the pattern. It was quite a tedious process and literally took hours. I don't see myself doing this again for a while! I think the updated curtains and lightened walls really made the space much better and brighter. I love it!

I have stenciled a rug before, so if you need the how-to for this check out this post. It's a similar process.

What do you think?