On a Personal Note: Saying goodbye to Noah

Who knew saying goodbye to a dog would be so emotional?? I have never considered myself a dog person so I didn't expect having to surrender one of our dogs today would be so hard. We've had him for 6 months and my daughter absolutely adores him.

Unfortunately, our little Noah wasn't developing correctly and was looking at a pretty difficult life the older he got. So after taking him to the vet today, we decided to surrender him to the vet in hopes he will find a family that will be able to financially support his needs.

So here's a short tribute to Noah!


  1. Awe, that's got to be so hard. I hope your daughter is handling it well. I bet they were close.

    1. Yes, she is much better now! I think everyone in the car, (me, her and the other dog) was all crying at the same time!

  2. Cute doggie. Mary


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