Behind the Big Green Door: Blog Tag!

My blogger buddy, Erin tagged me in a blog tag. She blogs over at Live Pretty on a Penny. Visit her blog for great DIY inspiration, she also an awesome MUA!

Now for the blog tag, I've been given a list of questions to answer so here they are:

Are you named after someone:
Yes, I was named after a random lady on Cleveland radio My mom liked her name, so that's how I ended up with it.

When's the last time you cried:
Just this past Saturday.. I've become such a big cry baby since having Rhyan.

Do you have kiddos:
Yep, a beautiful little 5 year old girl!

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself:
I sure would, I'm a great friend who people can always depend on (so I've been told :) )

Do you have a guilty pleasure:
Yes, Jerry Springer (hangs head in shame) When I wasn't working I watched it twice a day.

Do you like handwriting:
I can't say I have anything against handwriting... I've always wished I had better handwriting but I was doomed from the start being a lefty.

What's your favorite cereal:
LOVE Cinnamon Toast Crunch

What's the first thing you notice about people:

What's the color of your eyes:

Scary movie or happy endings:
Happy Endings (I'm such a sap ugh!)

Favorite TV Shows:
OITNB, Scandal, Breaking Bad (Can they please make more seasons!!), Jerry Springer, Family Guy, South Park, The Office, LHHATL

Summer or Winter:

Hugs or Kisses:

Do you have a special talent:
does DIY count?

Where were you born:
Cleveland, OH

What are your hobbies:
DIY, decorating, shopping

Do you have any pets:
Yep, a Yorkie named Cici

Favorite Movie:
Any superhero movie, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, X-Men

What color is your car:

What do you want to be when you grow up:
Alive.. lol. No really, I would love to do work in Marketing. It's my passion. I'm getting closer and closer to my dream job and I'm excited about it!

Now I'm tagging: my love, Jana who blogs over at The Jane Tales. She's a fashion blogger with amazing taste!


  1. Have you finished watching the second season of OITNB? I tried getting into BB, but just couldn't although my husband and my sister loved it and said they wanted to start over from the beginning since they missed the episodes so much.

    1. yes girl! I need more episodes!! I can't wait until Season 3. And you have to give BB another chance, it took me three months to watch three episodes, and I finally got into it... but once you get past the first three you will be hooked!

  2. Loved reading about you! Your new dog is such a cutie:)


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