Idea: Paint Your Front Door

So I painted my front door. That's right... Behind the Big Green Door goes RED! The decision to paint the front door took forever but I'm glad I did it. The green color that it previously was just did not do it for me. 

It took about 6 months for me to settle on a color. I went to Home Depot and brought home paint chips that I loved. I taped them to the door and they stay there for 6 whole months. Anybody who would stop by I asked them to pick a color. I also posed the question on my Instagram to get my followers opinion. 

Here's a close up on the colors I was considering. I really loved all the colors so it was tough to settle.

The reds and the blues received the most votes. I ended up narrowing it down to Behr's - Red Pepper.

So the Mr. got to work painting the door for me. We also updated the door knob/handle to something that would compliment the door and paint color better. We went with a silver finish hardware and a bigger handle.

One thing about painting a door is that there is a specific way on how you should do it. I found this handy little graphic from Thrifty Decor Chick and I use it for every door that I paint.

So what do you think of the color? I absolutely love it! It really pops great with the bricks and really helped me to pull together my look for my patio makeover. Let me know your thoughts below!

(....and no, Behind the Big Green Door will not change to Behind the Big Red Door. lol) 

PROJECT #1Room30Days: Patio Makeover

Hey everyone! If you have been following along you may have noticed I have shared a couple of outdoor project for you. For the month of June I kicked off my second round of PROJECT #1Room30Days! #1Room30Days is a program that challenges participants to give a space a makeover in 30 days. For the month of June I chose my patio.

Catch up on my patio makeover for the project check out the following links. 
Also you can view the evolution of my patio: HERE.

When we first moved here I worked on the patio a bit but it was pretty boring. I had these chairs from my previous place and I bought a little table to match the cushions. We also removed some bushes and laid down mulch and I had these two little potted plants. 

Over time, it got pretty neglected and ended up looking like this... I have no excuse really, other than my plants died and I don't spend alot of time on the patio

Pretty bad I know! We made some small updates such as painting the front door and changing the handles last summer.  The door was green (hence the blog name) but I wanted something bolder so we went with a red; Red Pepper by Behr.

If you need any idea about how tall this door is, the mister is 6'2 and on a step on the ladder and still much shorter than the door (hence the blog name again). I loved the way the color popped with our stone. Outside of this we hadn't done much with the patio. After month of fixing up here is the patio now:

One thing I really love about my patio is the natural stone. It's provides a beautiful backdrop. As much as I love the stone, I also found this to be a challenge with what colors to use so that it wouldn't be too matchy but also so that the colors wouldn't clash. I opted to go neutral with pops of red.

Although I was keeping my decor neutral I still wanted to bring in color. I did this by adding lots of plants. I think the green plants makes the space feel more alive and cozy. I brought in plants that would help with mosquitoes such as Citronella and Lavender. I also added Hostas and placed some ground cover plants into little pots. Lastly, I added a touch of flowers.

I created a DIY Vertical Garden using my daughter's old crib frame. We don't have a lot of space in our front yard for a garden so a vertical garden was the best solution. You can find out more about this vertical garden by clicking the link below "DIY Vertical Garden"

Another thing I did was to move my bar cart that I was using for coffee outside. It has now turned into a plant cart for the summer. I added a varity of different plants. Over the past month I've switched the plants in and out, some have died and been my Lavender for instance..... lol!

Also, I gave these plant pots a bit of a update using spray paint. They were done on a whim with my little helper.

I also gave my existing furniture an update by spray painting them gray. Patio furniture can be really expensive and I honestly loved my set, so doing a DIY update was a no-brainer for me. You can find out more about the update by clicking the "Wicker Furniture Makeover" link below.

Some of the other items added to the space was a basket I found on clearance at Bealls, string outdoor lights from Target and Bargain Hunt, and a rug from The Home Depot.

I had quite a hard time with keeping the lights up. They have fallen and bulbs have broken a couple of times. I love the ambiance though, so I'm going to keep working at finding ways to keep these things hung... that may even be a post later.

...and there we have it, my patio, that I completed in 30 days! We absolutely love the space and love sitting out and relaxing on the patio!

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Also you can view the evolution of my patio: HERE

I have to give a HUUUUGE shoutout to the other participants in this program! These ladies rocked it, I'm so amazed at the level of talent in this program. Check it out by browsing the Hashtag #1Room30Days on Instagram!