Non Traditional Colors for Fall

When you think of Fall what are some colors that you think of??...reds, oranges, dark yellows. I personally have never been a fan of red, orange, or yellow home decor, so you can probably imagine that I've never gotten into the Fall decorating spirit. I got to thinking the other day about Fall decorating and realized you don't have to always go with the traditional colors. To me, Fall is all about deep and rich colors, regardless of which one you picks! I've pulled together some paint color suggestions that I love and some room inspiration for some of my favorite non traditional Fall colors for home. Check them out below!

Behr's Very Navy is perfect for fall. I love this color! I have incorporated this color in my house for Fall this year. In my last post you can see that Blue has made it's way into my bedroom in a major way.

And check out this beautiful inspiration. I love the bold blue couch and the lighter accents and walls!


When you think of purple I'm sure you are not thinking of Fall. But like I said before any rich color can go for Fall. If you are going to go with purple, go for a deep purple. Behr's Deep Claret is a great option.

and then check out this inspiration below. This is another example of using color in furniture. Swap out your lighter accent furniture for furniture that is rich in color.


I know nothing about Fall screams green. The leaves are turning from green to brown, the green grass is dying, yes I get it! But dark green is screaming Fall to me! Behr's Alfalfa Extract is exactly what I'm thinking of when I think of non traditional Fall colors. 

This inspiration takes green straight to the walls. These dark green walls certainly makes this room cozy and feels like Fall!


Out of these my favorite is the Navy Blue. Some kind of way my whole house has gone Navy Blue! Now tell me, which of these are your favorite?

Master Bedroom Makeover

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#Shop #BigLots #MasterBedroom #BehindTheBigGreenDoor

My absolute favorite area in my house in my bedroom. I’m very particular about how the bedroom should look because I have always believed that this is the true sanctuary inside the house. I have been procrastinating on getting it fixed up because I wanted everything to be just right. Even though it is my favorite place, I have been truly neglecting the room.

Well, I have finally tackled this room. I wanted to create a space that was both feminine and masculine so that Mr. and I could both enjoy and feel comfortable in the space. I already had most of the basics for that, so it was just as simple as giving my space a mini makeover by adding décor pieces and accent furniture that would help accomplish that.

Here is the space before. Like I said, I have all the bones, just no meat on them! Here is the view walking into the room.

#Shop #BigLots #MasterBedroom #BehindTheBigGreenDoor

This area is on the right side of the bed in the corner.

#Shop #BigLots #MasterBedroom #BehindTheBigGreenDoor

This area is directly across from the bed.

#Shop #BigLots #MasterBedroom #BehindTheBigGreenDoor

My game plan was to add some color, some nice textures, cute accents, nice wall decor and a cozy area for lounging.

I went to Big Lots and found some great items to add to the room to spruce up the décor. Everything was nicely organized so I was able to find what I needed. I am a stickler about that! If the store is not organized, I'm turning around and leaving!

#Shop #BigLots #MasterBedroomm #BehindtheBiggreendoor

#Shop #Behindthebiggreendoor #Biglots

I started first by tackling the cozy area for lounging. I wanted something that not only looked good, but that was also comfortable. That is so important for a lounge area! There were a lot of great quality options to choose from from upholstered chairs to full arm chairs to leather chairs. I ultimately ended up choosing a brown leather tub chair. It compliments the brown in my side table very well!

#Shop #BigLots # BehindtheBigGreenDoor #MasterBedroom
#Shop #BigLots # BehindtheBigGreenDoor #MasterBedroom

The chair fits so well in the far corner of my bedroom. I added a pillow I had on hand for extra comfort and now that area is good to go!

Next, I set out to find some pillows. There were so many to choose from in different shapes, sizes, and materials. I wanted to grab some throw pillows that had great textures. Also, it was very important to me that they were of good quality since pillows tend to get a lot of use out of them. I found a cute brown suede-ish material pillow and a black faux fur pillow. Both pillows are super comfortable and of great quality. I added one to my bed and the other to my desk chair.

#Shop #BigLots # BehindtheBigGreenDoor #MasterBedroom
#Shop #BigLots # BehindtheBigGreenDoor #MasterBedroom

I have to tell you, I was pretty surprised to find these two pillows, I wasn’t expecting to see such stylish items, so you better believe I snatched them up quickly!

I added a gallery wall to my bedroom. I have a lot of blank walls in my room. I already had some frames on hand I had recently taken out of my daughter’s room that she no longer needed, so I used those to create a gallery. I wanted to add more frames to it so I picked up more frames from Big Lots. I am trying to achieve a classic look so I looked for frames that were simple yet elegant. I found these silver frames that fit well with the look I was going for. I updated them with different prints and added them to the gallery.

#shop #BigLots #MasterBedroom #BehindtheBigGreenDoor

Last on the list was to add color. I have a blue dresser that I have had stuffed in my closet. I wasn’t sure what to do with the dresser, but after picking up my accent pieces and décor I realized it went perfectly with the other colors. I moved the dresser out of the closet and placed it across from my bed.

#Shop #BigLots # BehindtheBigGreenDoor #MasterBedroom

I dressed it up by adding picture frames, candles, and a mirror set I found at Big Lots.

#Shop #BigLots # BehindtheBigGreenDoor #MasterBedroom
...and a little bit more about this mirror set, I loved the texture and coating of them. Which works out perfectly because I'm looking to add as much texture as possible. I was shocked to see that it was priced very well! There was another lady looking at the set too and as soon as she walked away you better believe I snatched it up!

#Shop #BigLots # BehindtheBigGreenDoor #MasterBedroom

I also completed a little DIY project on my curtain panels. As you can see from the before shot, they were plain white, I spent time adding a pattern to them by stenciling them. If you follow me on Instagram, you have gotten some sneak peeks of them. I will share a tutorial later on how to achieve this look for your plain curtains.

#Shop #BigLots # BehindtheBigGreenDoor #MasterBedroom

So now, I have a great comfortable space that I was able to give a mini makeover to with home décor and accent pieces all from BigLots! Styles and assortment vary by store, but I can tell you that I ran across some great finds and am I beyond excited with how the room came together!  

#Shop #BigLots # BehindtheBigGreenDoor #MasterBedroom
#Shop #BigLots # BehindtheBigGreenDoor #MasterBedroom

#Shop #BigLots # BehindtheBigGreenDoor #MasterBedroom

So what do you think of my master bedroom makeover? Will you be checking out Big Lots to help you with making over your space? If so, please share with me!

Homemade Bow Tie Chicken Noodle Soup

Fall is just about here and there is nothing that says Fall like soup. Today I'm sharing Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup.

#ChickenNoodleSoup #BehindtheBigGreenDoor

My co-worker is a mini chef and so I talk to him about how I would go about making chicken noodle soup... I'm very much in learning mode as far as cooking goes. He gave me the basics and I put it to the test in my own way. It turned out great!

#ChickenNoodleSoup #BehindtheBigGreenDoor


1 1/4 lb Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast
1/2 Box Bow Tie Pasta
32oz Chicken Broth
3 Cups Water
4 Carrots
1 Onion, small
4 Celery Sticks
2 Tablespoons Parsley
1 Tablespoon Black Pepper
1 Teaspoon Seasoning Salt


Combine broth and water in a pot with chicken. Bring to a boil and reduce to medium for 30-40 mins. Remove chicken from broth and shred. While shredding add veggies, seasonings, and pasta to the pot and return to a boil. After 5 mins add return chicken to the pot. Allow to cook for an additional 5-7 mins

#ChickenNoodleSoup #BehindtheBigGreenDoor

#ChickenNoodleSoup #BehindtheBigGreenDoor

#ChickenNoodleSoup #BehindtheBigGreenDoor

#ChickenNoodleSoup #BehindtheBigGreenDoor

This was fairly simple to make. I was very nervous going in because I am very much in learning mode. I made this before and my mom was my taste tester and she told me it was pretty good! Now, add some whole grain crackers and you are good to go!! Yuuuuuummmmmm!

How To: Coffee Table Styling for Fall

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Is anyone else counting down to Fall like me?? Fall has always been my favorite season, I love the cooler weather, the clothes, the home decor for fall, and let's not forget the fact that all the spring and summer bugs go away. It's wonderful!

I've already started my Fall fashion shopping and now I'm preparing my house for Fall. I have finished my coffee table and I have the easy how to guide that I want to share! You can create a great Fall coffee table set up by keeping these three things in mind:

1.Texture Combinations
2. Nature Elements 
3. Varying Heights


I love to combine glass, wood, metallic, and whatever other texture I can find. By layering different textures you give your coffee table so much interest. Having everything just wood or just glass can be quite boring frankly. So jazz it up a bit with some texture combinations.


I placed this wooden bowl here to collect remotes, or other small things that need to be easily accessed. It fits perfectly on my coffee table.


The tray I am using here is actually a piece of wall art that I made a few years ago. I searched high and low for the perfect tray and then one day sat this down and it just worked. I love re-purposing items and using items for their unintended uses. So keep in mind if you ever need a tray, try out a picture frame.

This is another way that I have included texture. The silver pops very well with the wood.


Regardless of the season, I believe you always need nature on the table. In the Spring or Summer I like to have flowers. For the Fall and Winter I like to have branches. You can either purchase faux branches or scavenge the yard for some. You can also include other outside items such as pine cones or berries.


These are some faux branches that I had lying around the house. I broke them into smaller pieces and placed them into a vase on the coffee table. Add a piece like this to your coffee table to incorporate the nature elements.


Varying heights adds a lot of interest. You can use any grouping of items. I like to group my items in odd numbers. You can use candles, accent pieces, decorative balls, or anything that you would like. 

I usually use candles for varying heights.. There something about a warm relaxing fragrances that makes me think of Fall. You can easily incorporate fragrances with American Home™ by Yankee Candle® Brand. These candles can be found at Walmart in the Home and Candle section.

#Shop #BehindtheBigGreenDoor #BBGD

My favorite scents are Sweet & Salty Caramel, Buttercream Frosting, Banana Walnut Bread. The fragrances are wonderful, it fills the room but is not overpowering. The perfect blend. 

The prices are very reasonable, I purchased a 4oz Small Tumbler Candle for $4.93, a 12oz Medium 2-Wick Tumbler Candle for $10.93 and the 19oz Large 2-Wick Tumbler Candle for $14.93. 


I tend to burn more candle during the Fall and Winter, so I am always sure to read the instructions very carefully, to prevent any kind of incidents and I never use them in my daughter's room. So please make sure you do the same, especially if you have kids.

So now you have my guide to styling your coffee table! From texture combinations, nature elements, to varying heights with American Home™ by Yankee Candle® Brand. Please share me me which of these tips will you be incorporating for your coffee table? Will you use them all?