Non Traditional Colors for Fall

When you think of Fall what are some colors that you think of??...reds, oranges, dark yellows. I personally have never been a fan of red, orange, or yellow home decor, so you can probably imagine that I've never gotten into the Fall decorating spirit. I got to thinking the other day about Fall decorating and realized you don't have to always go with the traditional colors. To me, Fall is all about deep and rich colors, regardless of which one you picks! I've pulled together some paint color suggestions that I love and some room inspiration for some of my favorite non traditional Fall colors for home. Check them out below!

Behr's Very Navy is perfect for fall. I love this color! I have incorporated this color in my house for Fall this year. In my last post you can see that Blue has made it's way into my bedroom in a major way.

And check out this beautiful inspiration. I love the bold blue couch and the lighter accents and walls!


When you think of purple I'm sure you are not thinking of Fall. But like I said before any rich color can go for Fall. If you are going to go with purple, go for a deep purple. Behr's Deep Claret is a great option.

and then check out this inspiration below. This is another example of using color in furniture. Swap out your lighter accent furniture for furniture that is rich in color.


I know nothing about Fall screams green. The leaves are turning from green to brown, the green grass is dying, yes I get it! But dark green is screaming Fall to me! Behr's Alfalfa Extract is exactly what I'm thinking of when I think of non traditional Fall colors. 

This inspiration takes green straight to the walls. These dark green walls certainly makes this room cozy and feels like Fall!


Out of these my favorite is the Navy Blue. Some kind of way my whole house has gone Navy Blue! Now tell me, which of these are your favorite?

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  1. Navy is def my favorite. Its such a perfect rich color.


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