Reupholstering Chairs - Breaking up [with] Matchy Furniture Series

If you remember from my last post, I am trying to break up my matchy dining room furniture. The first thing I went after was changing the chairs' fabric. I got this done on Saturday afternoon while watching TV. It's very simple to do and if you want to do it yourself, check out my How To Reupholster Chairs post HERE.

Now on to the details, here's what I originally started with:

Yes, my chairs really looked like this..hanging fabric and all. I had changed the fabric on these chairs a couple of times and some kind of way it ended up getting to this point.

If you follow me on Insta you will know of me sharing my bargain find at Hobby Lobby. Here's the fabric that I found. I love the texture and color.

I use my step by step guide to reupholster the chairs. The process seemed to take forever for some reason, or maybe I was just super impatient at the time. Nevertheless, I got it done.

So I completed step one of breaking up this set, and trying to make it look less "out of the box." If you want to see what it originally started with, check out my previous post. Up next I'll be looking to add some different style chairs to the table, maybe I will get lucky and find something thrifted. If not, I have my eye on something at World Market that I think will fit just fine.

Dining Room Inspiration - Breaking Up [with] Matchy Furniture Series

As my style continues to evolve I have found that matching furniture sets has to be my least favorite things in life. (If you have a matching set, nothing personal, just my personal preference) I have a matching dining room set, table and four chairs, that I purchased about 5-6 years ago. It's a very nice set and I always get compliments on it, but it bores me now. So I'm working on way to make the set look less matchy and less "out of the store".

Here is the exact set that I have. This is a picture from a site that sells the same one. I would take a picture of what I have now but the table is covered with all of my daughters toys. :)

It really is a nice set, but like I said, the matchy matchy is boring me. So I'm gathering inspiration on how to break up the set and sharing some ideas I found

I love how Heather Scott Home & Design broke up their set by using varying types of styles for their chairs.

This makeover featured on PopSugar is another great source of inspiration. I've changed seat covers many times, so I can't say this is a new idea, but I do love the change that they made to their chairs

Another idea I've found is to paint or stain your table. I'm not sure if I have the nerve to paint my table, but I am really considering restaining. Here are some ideas from Family Feed Bag and Live Pretty on a Penny.

I'm still trying to figure what to do with this lazy susan in the middle of the table, so if you have any ideas please share them with me!

BBGD Picks: 6 Fabulous IKEA Chandeliers Under $100

It's time for another round of under $100 picks! This week's weekly picks is all about IKEA Chandeliers! If you are looking for a instant way to give your room a new look and feel consider changing out your light fixture and replacing it with a chandelier. You can do this in any room, and I'm thinking about doing it in my closet! I want to jazz up the closet and a chandelier will work perfectly.. ok so now onto the picks!

1. Stockholm- $99.99
This has to be my favorite of all my picks....and most expensive. I think this could nicely in an entryway or jazzed up walk in closet.

2. Fillsta - $29.99
Here is a good option for a kids bedroom or play room. It is very casual but still will liven up a space. Plus you can't go wrong for only $30!

3. ONSJO - $59.99
This is my second favorite. I just love the modern look of it. I would place this in my dining room. A cool thing about this (according to the IKEA website) because it is a LED light source, it consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
4. Maskros - $59.99
I love this chandelier! It's so girly and chic. You can put this anywhere really. I want to put it in my living room but I'm sure I'll some push back from Mr. So I need someone to place this in their living room now so I an live through them!
 5. Knappa - $24.99
This one is another cutie that could go in a kids bedroom or playroom. It's simple but still adds a little pop to the room!

6. Kristaller - $39.99
This is a great option for a girl cave, or princess bedroom. I'm tempted to add this to my daughter's bedroom.

So which of these picks do you like, are you tempted to go get any of them??

To Sectional or To Not Sectional....That is the Question!

How do you all feel about sectionals???  I have been battling back and forth over rather or not to put one in my living room. Well actually, I have one, so I should explain better. When we first moved in I purchased a sectional from World Market. I absolutely loved it! It is very versatile. All the pieces come apart so you can arrange the set how you would like. For the first year it was a sectional, then broken up into pieces, then some pieces were put in other room and I had one couch with two chairs.

Well now I'm back on my sectional train so it's back in the living room... and I'm not sure how I went so long without it! I need you all to tell me what you think about it.

Here's the room before

Now with the sectional.

I personally have always like them. I think they instantly make a room feel cozy. The sectional helps to divide up my living space since I am in an open concept floor plan. Also, they are great for lounging! My daughter is already kicked up on it.

What I love most about this sectional is that it is so comfy. I'm curled up right now in the corner as I type this post.

So now I have the sectional and this gorgeous chair I will share about sometime soon. This room is still very much under construction so once completed I will have a post about the finished living room.

Ok and this is not the prettiest picture and my child has completely taken over the TV, but it gives you an idea of my sight line now with the sectional. I can see all the way through to my entryway.

So what do you think? To sectional or to not sectional? ......that is the question!

BBGD Picks: 9 Unique Barstools Under $100

I'm trying something new here and will share my weekly picks for home decor items. Right now I'm dreaming of some new bar stools for under my small bar area, but I've been put on new project punishment by my better half until I finish some of these incomplete projects around the house. So, in the meantime I'll dream of these barstools. See my picks below.

1. Threshold Colored Bar Stool - $100: Target
I love the classic look of this stool, plus the color. It looks really comfortable. It would fit well in a classic or traditional themed home

2. Fuji Contemporary Stool - $98:
If you are looking for a modern stool, this one would be a great choice. It's simple and clean lines would fit into any modern space.

3. Industrial Manifesto Charlie Stool - $100:
Something about this stool is so cute to me, it is certainly unique. This is another modern one that would fit well in a modern space. I picture a loft or studio apartment.

4. Udder Madness Bar Stool - $80: Kirklands
I've always loved animal print, I typically see leopard or cheetah print home decor so this cow print is much welcomed. I think this could fit into any space. It would be a great pop of pattern.

5. Mudhut Andres Saddle - $95: Target
I love wicker barstool. The look great and they are also comfortable. These can fit into a contemporary space easily. Ive actually had my eyes on these for a while... just waiting for a sale or clearance :)

6. Ore International Folding Chair - $77: Target
This one is a bit of a stretch but I picture them being taller and with a shorter bar. This would be great for a modern space. This cost covers two chairs.

7. Blake Bar Stool Stone - $60:
I love the color of this stool, it is super modern and looks small enough to squeeze in a tight space if needed.

8. Hyacinth Bar Stool - $99: ZGallerie
Here comes that wicker I love again. This is my #2 possible purchase. The high back with make seating my sturdy and comfortable. I would put this in any design except for modern

9.Threshold Industrial Swivel Barstool -$54: Target
If you need a pop of color, this one is for you. I love the shade of blue and the industrial look. Perfect for a small apartment or studio loft. This would fit anything any modern design

What do you think of these picks? Do you have a favorite?

Garage Entry Before and After

I was cleaning up the house today and realized I never shared my garage entry update. This is a little space outside of the living room placed in between my laundry room and garage. It's a weird hall because it has so much in so little space. The door to the left is a bathroom and then there are two more doors to the right, not pictured, that is a coat closet and storage. So before I get into the details, here is the room before.

This was it, a shelf and basket for shoes. The shelf did more junk collecting that anything and the basket was just a mess. It wasn't easy to find shoes needed without making the space look worst than where it started. My goal here was three things:

1. A place for shoes
2. A shelf for keys
3. A mirror for self check

That simple.. and honestly that list wasn't hard to fulfill. Here is the space now-

I covered everything on my wish list, and even added some décor in there.

I got the shoe cabinet here pictured from IKEA. I cannot recommend this cabinet enough, especially if you have kids. It is so easy for them to use and holds a far amount of shoes. My daughter easily uses it and it keeps the area so nice and neat.

And there we have it a simple before and after to a small space. What do you think? What's your entry wish list?

Source List:
Shoe Cabinet: IKEA
Mirror & Silver Dish: HomeGoods
Faux Plant: Marshalls
Rug: Target
Wall Art: Hobby Lobby
Wicker Hamper: Ross