Laundry Room Makeover

I'm finally scratching another room off the list, well kinda I have some painting left to do, but for me that is complete enough. I spent the last two weekends working on my laundry room. This room was important for me to finally do because the window in there gives my otherwise dark hallway some major sunlight. With the laundry room door closed, the hall is so dark, so the room needed to be fixed up so the hall can get some great light!

You see what I mean by light? That bright spot at the top of the photo is sunlight beaming through! The main thing I wanted to do was to make sure the space was functional. I also wanted the room to be simple and cute and not look too overdone. I mean it's a laundry room.. nothing to go all full decor on.

The first thing we did was painted the room. You would not believe how dirty those walls were. The walls has served as a long time as my paint color test wall... so just imagine! To increase the functionality I added a drying rack and shelf over the laundry basket. We normally air dry clothes all over the house, so this was much needed!

Yes, I am one of those people who paint over holes and wall anchors. Too lazy to patch when it wont be seen by anyone outside of the house. :)

I picked up this floating shelf from Home Depot, and it was honestly one of the easiest floating shelves I have ever installed. I added a jar to collect spare change that we find in the washer. The jar was on clearance from Target. The faux plant on the shelf is from IKEA and potter from Ross. It adds a little cuteness to the space.

I found these super cute succulents and planters from Home Depot. They currently resting in the windowsill soaking up all that natural light!

The artwork is from Hobby Lobby. I always take advantage of their weekly 50% sales, so these only cost me a total of $12. Another thing I did was add hardware onto my cabinets. They previously didn't have any pulls at all. Adding the hardware gives them a finished look! I also picked those up from Home Depot. One thing I recommend getting it the hardware installer guide, it makes installation pretty easy. 

The wicker basket has been around for a while and I picked that up from TJ Maxx. I picked up the Nate Berkus rug from Target about a year ago and finally found a spot for it.

I have been talking about finishing this room for 3 years! It was so important for me to get this done.. although its a small space, I feel accomplished! Another reason why this room was important for me to do is that it gives me motivation to get laundry done. Nobody likes doing laundry, but making the space pretty makes it a lot easier to do. I love how the spaced turned out! I can comfortably leave the door open without the room looking a mess! Tell me what you think!

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  1. I think the space looks greatZ i get what you mean about making it pretty for usage purposes. I hate laundry as well so good job!!

  2. Hey Alaya! Beautiful job on your laundry room. It's super cute and functional. I know how much you enjoy having all that natural light pouring through.

  3. What a fresh, bright room! I love the drying rack and that great rug. Thanks for linking up with us at Best of the Nest!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! The drying rack was a must have!

  4. Hi, just wondering where you bought that great wall mounted drying rack from?

    1. Hi there! I got the drying rack from IKEA for about $20!


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