The Perfect Solution for Brown Thumbs!

Spring is here and this is the perfect time to add some houseplants to your home! There's something about houseplants that I have always liked. I'm not sure if it's the life they give a place or just how cute they look in a nice planter. Either way, my liking of them does not translate well to my care of them. I remember posting a picture on FB of a plant I had at my desk, I was so proud of it! The comments went something like this:

"It's dead."
"Where are the leaves??"

LOL! Clearly, I know nothing about plants, how to take care of them, or even it they are growing or dying! So needless to say, after many failed attempts of taking care of house plants I went the alternate route of faux plants. It really is the perfect solution! Check out some of the ones I have below and I also have a link below to some other great faux plants.

This grass plant is so adorable. I usually move the plants around from room to room, depending on how I am feeling that day. The bright green really pops well against many colors.

 HomeGoods $12.99 (planter included)

This faux cactus was also a great find that I love! I really like the black faux soil, it gives it such a natural look.

               Target $19.99 (planter included)

Ikea $7.99
Planter - Ross $3.99
Here's more great faux plants: Here

One thing to keep in mind about faux plants is that they collect ALOT of dust. So instead of watering them remember to give them a good dusting!

Do you have faux or real plants? Which do you prefer? Share in the comments.


  1. Love the new look of your blog, Alaya!!! So fresh and clean. The plants you shared look so real. I especially love the cactus.

    1. Thank you so much Brandi! I love that cactus too! I cant decided what room to leave it in :)


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