Entryway Essentials + Makeover

I recently revamped my entryway. I worked on this space about 2 years ago, and it went from cute to blah to back to cute. It was time for a refresh! Not only was I going for cute but I also was going for functional. I want to make the most of every space in my home and this revamp helped to accomplish that.

There are three basic essentials to a well put together entryway:

1. A place to store shoes, coats, umbrellas and keys
2. A place to wipe off when coming in
3. A little décor

If you cover these three basic areas you should be good to go!

Bowls, coats racks and shoe cabinet can be used to keep things organized and in place.

Sidenote: Can you believe I got the frames, prints and bowl for $15? The bowl is from Goodwill for about $2, frames were about $4 on clearance at Target, and the prints were from my printer. A matted frame makes everything look more expensive than it really is!

There is nothing worst than tripping over shoes. This shoe cabinet keeps shoes out of sight and out of the way! The bowl here easily catches keys and wallets. A coat rack catches coats and umbrellas.

A washable and heavy traffic rug is perfect for an entryway. It will hold up to in and out traffic and then can be easily cleaned when it gets too dirty.

A rug not only catches dirt but can also add a pop of color, dual purpose. Add a little artwork for décor and you have covered my three entryway essentials.

Here's a look at the Entryway before: HERE

Shopping List
Shoe Cabinet: IKEA
*Frames: Target
*Rug: Target
*Faux Cactus: Target
Bowl - Goodwill
*Some of the items are not available online, however the links will point you to similar items

Please let me know what you think in the comments? What are your entryway essentials?

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