DIY: $8 Thrifted Piano Bench to Chic End Table

About a two years ago I came across a piano bench for $8 at a thrift store up the street from me. At the time, I figured I'd use it for an entryway bench and it would double as storage since the bench opens. I moved the piano bench from room to room but it never quite fit right until one day I set it as an end table. I was surprised I actually liked it in that spot. Since I liked it I decided to update it to give it a more chic look. I love how it turned out! If you have a similar piece of furniture laying around you can use the same process that I did.

Here's what I started with

What you'll need:

Rustoleum Black Spray Paint
Drop Cloth
Upholstery Nails
Tape Measure

The process was fairly simple. I wanted to it still have a worn/chic (crazy combo I know) look so I didn't sand the table or repair any of the wood damage. I starting by spray painting the table. I did about 3 coats all over, allowing each coat to dry before starting on the next.

After the table was good and dry I used a ruler measuring along the side of the table to determine how far apart I wanted my nailheads. I spaced them about 2cm apart. I made marks every 2cm and then went back with my drill to make the tiny holes. This made it easy to just push the nailheads into the table.

From there the table was completed. 

I wish I had more process pictures to share, but I did this during my blogging hiatus and didn't capture the pictures I normally would. However, if you have any questions on how to do this please let me know!


  1. I love the touch on the upgraded piano bench! I would love to find one - great storage also. Good job

  2. I love the nailhead trim! You did an amazing job as usual!

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