4 Ways to Make Home Thrift Finds Chic

So you've stepped out on a limb and browse your local thrift store to see if you can score a find. It's the latest trend now to thrift shop, so you have to join the party and see what the fuss was all about. More than likely you are buying a used item that may need some clean up or just may be in bad condition all together. However, that shouldn't discourage you, I have some easy tips on how to clean up thrifted items to give them a chic look! Check them out below:


There's something about a metallic finish that gives an item a polished look. It's quite easy to give an item a metallic finish with spray paint. Spray paint has really come a long way and it super easy to use. Even the most beginner DIY'r can managing spray painting.  When browsing, if you see a small item think how refinishing it in a metallic may enhance the beauty. For instance: there pen holders and paper tray. What was originally black is now gold and I love it!


Sometimes a item you find may have a bit of damage, or be a great piece but just not your style color wise. This can be a simple fix depending on how drastic of a change you want. One simple thing I have done is to paint a piece of furniture. With some sanding and paint you can have a piece you truly love. 


The concept of blending the old with the new can really make the old look new. Let's say you find an old basket that could use some TLC, but you're not in the mood for painting. Place that item next to a new item and it will blend right on it. Here's an example of this: I found this old box at Goodwill and placed it near my new vase.. it just flows so nicely on the shelf!


As I shared in my post about 6 items I always thrift, there are plenty of white dishes and glasses to be found at the thrift store. You can give them an instant updated and chic look with word decals. You can find word decals at your local craft store and even at some bigger stores such as Target and World Market.

Now tell me, how do you turn your thrifted items into chicness?

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Ways to add bronze to your home

I have this new thing with bronze! I may be a little late to the bronze party, but I'm liking how it's looking around my house. I recently added some bronze knobs to my IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet. It is added a great touch!

With that being added now I'm looking all around the house for places I can add a bit of bronze. I been searching all over the web for great ideas and I put some together below on different pieces you can add to your home.

I'm really eyeing this bronze chair idea!

Now tell me are you thinking of adding any bronze to your home? If so, have I provided you with some inspiration

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6 Items to Thrift Before Buying - For the Home

As a child you wouldn't catch me dead in a thrift store. At that time I pictured thrift stores as being old and dingy with beat up product. Fast forward to now, and you can't keep me out of the thrift store. I believe it's the hunt and the unexpected finds that keeps me going back for more.

The thrift store has become my go-to place for certain things around the house.  Now, there are some things I still won't purchase from a thrift store, but there are 6 things that I always search the thrift store for before I commit to purchasing from a big box retailer. Check them out below:

1. Vases
2. Knick Knacks
3. Coffee Mugs

I found this vase here for $2.00, this small bowl for $.50 and this mug for $.77. I've seen this mug at Target for $5.00 so you can imagine my excitement when I saw it at Goodwill!. The B is perfect because it's the first initial of my mister's name.

4. Baskets

Baskets are overflowing at the thrift store. I found this basket for about $2.00 and now I use it as a planter. I have other baskets from the thrift store around my house that I use for organizing my craft supplies.

5. Books
6. White Dishes

Little white dishes always interest me. They look great for serving and gives a kitchen an instant brightness. I found this jar for about $3.00 that I store my sugar in and updated it with word decals. The white dish was $.99. Books are also a great find at a thrift store for reading, of course, but also for decor. You can look for books to match your color scheme and add them for instant decor. I believe I got those for less than $3.00 together.

Now tell me, what items do you thrift before you buy? And if you need a handy list to remember these items I have a pinnable picture below. Don't forget to pin it to your favorite boards!

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Easy DIY Valentine's Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorites! Actually it's my second favorite holiday only coming second to New Years. It's a great holiday to show the ones in your life that you care and to shower them with extra love and attention. It is always a great time to let people know how much you appreciate them.

I like to take this time of year to recognize my daughter's teacher. I seriously commend anybody who is a teacher. It has to be one of the hardest and most undervalued professions, but yet there are still millions of dedicate people who take on this role. They are the REAL MVPS!

I grabbed just about everything I needed for the gift from the Target dollar bin, plus a little something extra and put it all together to make a cute little care package. If you are considering whipping up a quick and easy gift you will for sure want to check out the dollar bin at Target.

I also found some other great ideas of DIY Valentine's Day gift that would be great for teachers as well.  This DIY mug from She Does A Bunch is so adorable! I love the stenciling on the mug.

If you know of someone with a sweet tooth, I think these DIY no bake treats from The Home i Create would be be delish!

and lastly, this candy arrangement from Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Carli is so cute, especially in this mug! I love that after the candy is gone, you have a beautiful mug that will last forever!

I love this DIY idea of making candles by MonaLisaaStyles! Check out the tutorial!

And....If you don't feel like being crafty, you can always lay up with your boo for Netflix and Chill night. Whitney J Decor put together i great board on how to set the night up perfectly!

Now tell me, will you be putting together any DIY gift for Valentine's  Day?

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