Behind the Big Green Door: Ways to add bronze to your home

Ways to add bronze to your home

10:27:00 AM

I have this new thing with bronze! I may be a little late to the bronze party, but I'm liking how it's looking around my house. I recently added some bronze knobs to my IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet. It is added a great touch!

With that being added now I'm looking all around the house for places I can add a bit of bronze. I been searching all over the web for great ideas and I put some together below on different pieces you can add to your home.

I'm really eyeing this bronze chair idea!

Now tell me are you thinking of adding any bronze to your home? If so, have I provided you with some inspiration

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  1. Loving the bronze. It's an awesome accent to the home!

  2. This is some amazing work.......


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