Easy DIY Holiday Photobooth for Home

Merry Christmas Eve! I cannot believe how fast Christmas came! My daughter has been counting down the "sleeps" til Christmas. The sleeps thing is a new one for me but it's super cute to watch her excitement grow everyday.

Today I want to share an easy DIY Holiday Photobooth for home! I love photo booths! The are so fun and pretty easy to put together. The thing is, there really is no wrong way to do it. You just put together what you like. I do have a few recommendations that I will share at the end.

So jumping right into it, I decided to place my photobooth in front of my window in the living room.

Using my curtains as a backdrop made this super easy and cost effective.

Next I added some white furry rugs from my daughter's room to represent snow. 

Next I started to layer with existing items I have around the house. I started with this vase and stick set and ottoman.

I then added my outdoor reindeer and strings of lights.

And then it was complete. The last thing to do is to grab some things around the house to use as props. You can really use whatever you have! My daughter and I gave it a test run before my peeps arrive!

Here are my tips:

1. Make you booth in front of an existing curtain. You can use the curtain rod to hang string lights and garland easily without adding any additional holes to the wall

2. Pick a color scheme. My colors are silver, brown and white. Since I grabbed things from around the house a color scheme helped to make things look more cohesive and professional

3. When taking pictures in your booth, make sure to crop out any of the background wall and flooring that isn't apart of the booth. This will make your photos look much better!

4. For props,use whatever you can find. Steal ornaments from the tree or drape yourself in lights!

5. The point of a photobooth is to have fun and create memorable pics. So lastly, my tip is to have fun!!

DIY Water Color Ornaments

I'm so excited that my little pooh is following in her mama's DIY footsteps. While putting up the Christmas tree she came up with the cutest idea for our glass ornament set. I told her I would let her personally talk about it on my blog... so here she goes!

hi my name is Rhyan,and i'm going to tell you about my DIY water color ornaments. so lets get started! you will need  clear ornaments, paint, paint bush, and water. 

first get your clear ornaments, then i'm going to take the top of the clear ornaments. Then fill the ornament half way with water.

so next i picked my color which was purple. Then i take my brush and i dipped it in my water. I took my wet brush and then i picked my color.

so next i dipped my brush into the ornament and stirred it around. Then i keep doing it until it got darker and darker

when i finished i put the top on the ornament and i put the hook on top of the ornament.

next i hung it on the tree. now the tree looks better then ever!

I hope you enjoyed reading through this post that Rhyan did. It looks like it will be her first of many. This was super simple for her to do and if you have a little one, it'll be a great project for them to try. 

Let us know if you give this a try! 

#12DaysofGiftGuides: Gift Ideas for The Girl Boss

Gift Ideas for the Girl Boss

We are at the halfway mark for the #12DaysofGiftGuides! Today I am sharing gift ideas for the Girl Bosses in your lives! Like my post yesterday, I feel I know what a Girl Boss may wants, since I am one myself. Let's get straight to it, check out the ideas below!

Gift Ideas for The Girl Boss

The thing I find I need the most as an entrepreneur is organization! The Happy PlannerKeychain Flash Drive and these cute File Folders are perfect for helping to keep everything in one place.

Am I reaching here with the Apple Watch?? lol! Ask and you shall receive is what I've always heard, but seriously these watches are great for having everything synced and easily accessible from your phone. Speaking of phones, this Backup Phone Battery is a must have for a business owner. You are constantly making moves and deals and your phone is guaranteed to go dead at least twice in the day!

Lastly, remind your lady business owner that she is THE GIRL BOSS with this Girl Boss Mug!

I hope this gave you some great ideas for your Christmas shopping! Now, Check out yesterday's gift guide post from Mona Lisaa Styles: Gift Guides for the Get it Girl and my guide Gift Ideas for Homebodies

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#12DaysofGiftGuides: Gift Ideas for Homebodies

Gift Ideas for Homebodies from Behind the Big Green Door

Hey There, I'm back for another round of guide gifts for the #12DaysofGiftGuides! Today, I'm sharing gift ideas for Homebodies. Like my previous post, I feel very much like an expert in this area since I love being at home. I've done better the older I get in getting out the house, but deep down inside I still prefer being at home.

Gift Ideas for Homebodies from Behind the Big Green Door

Check out the gift ideas for Homebodies below:

Gift Ideas for Homebodies from Behind the Big Green Door

Gold Bar Cart - Just because your friend is a homebody doesn't mean they don't like to have fun or people over. Gift them this bar cart and pair it with a Cocktail Book.

Keurig - An instant coffee machine is perfect for a homebody. They can purchase their favorite coffee and enjoy it in a cute Coffee Mug.

Laptop Tray -  A laptop tray is perfect for a homebody. More than likely the homebody you know is at home, curled up on the couch on their laptop. This tray will be perfect for them!

..and here are more ideas!

Gift Ideas for Homebodies from Behind the Big Green Door

There's nothing like a Netflix Subscription to a homebody! We like to curl up on the couch in our cute Pajama Set and cozy Slippers  and a warm Faux Fur Blanket and binge watch on movies and TV shows.

and you can't forget the popcorn machine! You can give your homebody a movie theater experience without them ever having to leave the couch!

and there you have it folks, tell me what you think of these ideas. I hope this helps you! Check out yesterday's gift guide post from Ashley of The Handy Homegirl for stay at home moms and new mommies!

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#12DaysofGiftGuides: Gift Guide for Working Moms

Tis the season for gift giving, I teamed up with 6 other lovely bloggers to share some gift ideas that are outside of your norm: Gifts for Her and Gifts for Him. Below I have some gift ideas for working moms. I'd like to think I can speak well to this because I am a working mom. :)

Some of my essentials are a nice water container, a planner and notebook and candles. These are my favorite items! You will find some of these items on my gift guides below. 

I broke this up into two buckets, gifts 'For Work' and 'Outside of Work'

Check out the 'For Work' ideas below:

Bright Out Teal Handbag - Every working mom needs a chic laptop bag. I carry my laptop in a huge purple bag and I can't tell you how many compliments I have received on it.

Make It Happen Notebook - Keeping notes all in one place is essential for a working mom. This handy notebook will have her writing notes in style.

Teavana Gift Set - Tea is one of those things that instantly calm me down. After stressful meetings a nice cup of tea usually helps things to settle down for me.

FitBit Bangle - Alot of working mom finds themselves behind a desk all day. Gift this little band to add some style to her fitbit that will inspire her to get up and move around a bit.

Travel Mug - Being a working mom, you are often on the go and fast in the morning. This travel mug is perfect for the ride to work.

Teal Earbuds - Ear buds are essential for work.. I think this applies to everyone. Gift her a set that she can plug into her phone so she can get some work done as she listens to some tunes!

Check out the 'Outside of Work' ideas below:

Rayban Sunglass - Those morning and evening commutes can get blinding with the harsh sun. Gift her these sunnies to keep her in style during her commute.

Diptyque Candle Set - After a long day of work and then getting home to tend to the kids, every mom needs an unwind. These candles are perfect for unwinding.

Wine Set - Speaking of unwinding, gift her this cute wine set so she can enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Lavender Sheet Spray - It has been said that Lavender helps you to sleep better. Your working mom an spray down her sheets and enjoy a great nights rest before the next work day

Makeup Kit - And lastly, the next morning let her get cute and fiiiine with this awesome makeup kit and storage. Being on the move we need everything easily accessible and in one place.

....and there you have it. I think these make wonderful gift ideas. Check out yesterday's gift idea post from Erin - Gift Ideas for Toddler Boys

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