#12DaysofGiftGuides: Gift Ideas for The Girl Boss

Gift Ideas for the Girl Boss

We are at the halfway mark for the #12DaysofGiftGuides! Today I am sharing gift ideas for the Girl Bosses in your lives! Like my post yesterday, I feel I know what a Girl Boss may wants, since I am one myself. Let's get straight to it, check out the ideas below!

Gift Ideas for The Girl Boss

The thing I find I need the most as an entrepreneur is organization! The Happy PlannerKeychain Flash Drive and these cute File Folders are perfect for helping to keep everything in one place.

Am I reaching here with the Apple Watch?? lol! Ask and you shall receive is what I've always heard, but seriously these watches are great for having everything synced and easily accessible from your phone. Speaking of phones, this Backup Phone Battery is a must have for a business owner. You are constantly making moves and deals and your phone is guaranteed to go dead at least twice in the day!

Lastly, remind your lady business owner that she is THE GIRL BOSS with this Girl Boss Mug!

I hope this gave you some great ideas for your Christmas shopping! Now, Check out yesterday's gift guide post from Mona Lisaa Styles: Gift Guides for the Get it Girl and my guide Gift Ideas for Homebodies

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  1. loving all of your ideas for the girl boss! Since I am on the girl boss journey, I guess it's time to add these items to my wish list:)

    1. Thanks girl! Yes, apple watch is gonna be added to my list!

  2. I love all these gifts, Alaya, especially the desk and the planner!

  3. Oh, Alaya, that desk gets all the heart eyes! Great girl boss gift guide!


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