Easy DIY Holiday Photobooth for Home

Merry Christmas Eve! I cannot believe how fast Christmas came! My daughter has been counting down the "sleeps" til Christmas. The sleeps thing is a new one for me but it's super cute to watch her excitement grow everyday.

Today I want to share an easy DIY Holiday Photobooth for home! I love photo booths! The are so fun and pretty easy to put together. The thing is, there really is no wrong way to do it. You just put together what you like. I do have a few recommendations that I will share at the end.

So jumping right into it, I decided to place my photobooth in front of my window in the living room.

Using my curtains as a backdrop made this super easy and cost effective.

Next I added some white furry rugs from my daughter's room to represent snow. 

Next I started to layer with existing items I have around the house. I started with this vase and stick set and ottoman.

I then added my outdoor reindeer and strings of lights.

And then it was complete. The last thing to do is to grab some things around the house to use as props. You can really use whatever you have! My daughter and I gave it a test run before my peeps arrive!

Here are my tips:

1. Make you booth in front of an existing curtain. You can use the curtain rod to hang string lights and garland easily without adding any additional holes to the wall

2. Pick a color scheme. My colors are silver, brown and white. Since I grabbed things from around the house a color scheme helped to make things look more cohesive and professional

3. When taking pictures in your booth, make sure to crop out any of the background wall and flooring that isn't apart of the booth. This will make your photos look much better!

4. For props,use whatever you can find. Steal ornaments from the tree or drape yourself in lights!

5. The point of a photobooth is to have fun and create memorable pics. So lastly, my tip is to have fun!!


  1. Such a cute idea Alaya! I will be using your tips when I create a photo booth for the kids at my Easter egg hunt. Wish me luck!

  2. I loved this idea and tried to pull it off for our Xmas party, but we ended up not having enough room. :(

    1. aww man! Sorry it didnt work out! ...this is one of my favorite last minute ideas!


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