#12DaysofGiftGuides: Gift Guide for Working Moms

Tis the season for gift giving, I teamed up with 6 other lovely bloggers to share some gift ideas that are outside of your norm: Gifts for Her and Gifts for Him. Below I have some gift ideas for working moms. I'd like to think I can speak well to this because I am a working mom. :)

Some of my essentials are a nice water container, a planner and notebook and candles. These are my favorite items! You will find some of these items on my gift guides below. 

I broke this up into two buckets, gifts 'For Work' and 'Outside of Work'

Check out the 'For Work' ideas below:

Bright Out Teal Handbag - Every working mom needs a chic laptop bag. I carry my laptop in a huge purple bag and I can't tell you how many compliments I have received on it.

Make It Happen Notebook - Keeping notes all in one place is essential for a working mom. This handy notebook will have her writing notes in style.

Teavana Gift Set - Tea is one of those things that instantly calm me down. After stressful meetings a nice cup of tea usually helps things to settle down for me.

FitBit Bangle - Alot of working mom finds themselves behind a desk all day. Gift this little band to add some style to her fitbit that will inspire her to get up and move around a bit.

Travel Mug - Being a working mom, you are often on the go and fast in the morning. This travel mug is perfect for the ride to work.

Teal Earbuds - Ear buds are essential for work.. I think this applies to everyone. Gift her a set that she can plug into her phone so she can get some work done as she listens to some tunes!

Check out the 'Outside of Work' ideas below:

Rayban Sunglass - Those morning and evening commutes can get blinding with the harsh sun. Gift her these sunnies to keep her in style during her commute.

Diptyque Candle Set - After a long day of work and then getting home to tend to the kids, every mom needs an unwind. These candles are perfect for unwinding.

Wine Set - Speaking of unwinding, gift her this cute wine set so she can enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Lavender Sheet Spray - It has been said that Lavender helps you to sleep better. Your working mom an spray down her sheets and enjoy a great nights rest before the next work day

Makeup Kit - And lastly, the next morning let her get cute and fiiiine with this awesome makeup kit and storage. Being on the move we need everything easily accessible and in one place.

....and there you have it. I think these make wonderful gift ideas. Check out yesterday's gift idea post from Erin - Gift Ideas for Toddler Boys

Also check out these out the other gift guides below:


  1. loved your gift guide. As a working mom, I definitely appreciate a cute laptop bag and those teal earbuds! Why didn't I ever think about colorful ones! Great ideas.

    1. Thanks Erin! Cute things just get me through the day!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting this party! It's such a great idea to share gift guides all in one place! And I loved your gift guide...that fitband is so pretty!

    1. Thank you so much Jo-Anna for linking up! I reeeeaally want that FitBand, I may need to show this guide to the Mr. lol!

  3. Great gift guide Alaya! As a working mom that is into fitness I love that fitbit band. Oh how cute! I also must try that Teavana set!

    1. yes, that band stole my heart! I'm hoping a certain someone sees this post and gets it for me! and Teavana is heaven every time! I'm glad you liked the list!

  4. Thanks for this great gift guide....I know Christmas is the 25th of December but so some strange reason I'm never as prepared as I should be...and spend a lot of time trying to figure out what will be a great gift. This 12 days of gift ideals is perfect for a procrasinator like me.

  5. Thank you these are such great gift options! I would have loved any of these when I was a working mom.

  6. All great gift ideas, Alaya! I'm not a mom, but I could definitely use that wine set! LOL

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