DIY Water Color Ornaments

I'm so excited that my little pooh is following in her mama's DIY footsteps. While putting up the Christmas tree she came up with the cutest idea for our glass ornament set. I told her I would let her personally talk about it on my blog... so here she goes!

hi my name is Rhyan,and i'm going to tell you about my DIY water color ornaments. so lets get started! you will need  clear ornaments, paint, paint bush, and water. 

first get your clear ornaments, then i'm going to take the top of the clear ornaments. Then fill the ornament half way with water.

so next i picked my color which was purple. Then i take my brush and i dipped it in my water. I took my wet brush and then i picked my color.

so next i dipped my brush into the ornament and stirred it around. Then i keep doing it until it got darker and darker

when i finished i put the top on the ornament and i put the hook on top of the ornament.

next i hung it on the tree. now the tree looks better then ever!

I hope you enjoyed reading through this post that Rhyan did. It looks like it will be her first of many. This was super simple for her to do and if you have a little one, it'll be a great project for them to try. 

Let us know if you give this a try! 


  1. Replies
    1. thank you Carli! She's already talking about her ornament idea for next year.

  2. I love it! Such a cute idea (and a cute author too) :)

    1. Thank you Lizzie! She's so excited about writing, I may have to give her her own little page on my blog!

  3. Such a cute and fun idea! Tell Rhyan she did a great job!

  4. This is too cute! I love how you're bringing Rhyan in on the blog, she's going to have her own soon enough!


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