The Easiest Wall Decor Update Ever! [Project Babygirl's Room]

Today I worked on updating some of her wall decor. Here's what me and Babygirl did today.

About three years ago I purchased some white plastic butterflies from Target. I arranged them behind her bed.  I really like the butterflies and want to keep them in the room but they really didn't have too much of a pop. Here is how it was before.

Simple Update to a Vintage Chair - My $6.00 Thrift Store Find!

Well people I'm sticking to it and getting Babygirl's room together. I've been hunting for the perfect "big girl" chair for her room.  Something that would be comfy for both her use and mine when hanging out in her room. I found some really cute ones from Target and World Market that I had my heart set on. Fast Forward - I was browsing some thrift stores and ran across the cutest little vintage chair. It didn't exactly fit the requirements of being big enough for me to fit in... but hey, it was adorable, it fit her perfectly and it was only $6.00 so I went with it.

Here's the chair before

Closet Organization [Project Babygirl's Room]

Happy Saturday! For the next two weeks I am working on getting Babygirl's room together. She's transitioning into a Big Girl's Room.  I know, I have been talking about a million things and rooms I'm completing around the house. It's ok! Bare with me. I'm going to get focused soon. :)

Today, I tackled her cluttered and junky closet.  My four year old has a gazillion toys, big and small, and they are all over the place. I don't think we've gone through her toys since she was a year old. Well today was the day folks!

A cubbie system was used to organize her books, and canvas drawers were used to organize her toys sets. ie. Barbie, electronics, purses. 

We are making progress! [Back Deck RENO]

Wow where has the time gone! It's been a while! Although I haven't been busy with the blog I (mainly Brandon) has been busy working on the back deck.  If you remember in my previous post about my deck I talked about some plans we had for the deck. Unfortunately, we didn't have everything ready in time for Memorial Day as we hoped, but that didn't stop our party.
We have got a couple of things done over the past two months..Brandon pressure washed the deck. See the difference!