The Easiest Wall Decor Update Ever! [Project Babygirl's Room]

Today I worked on updating some of her wall decor. Here's what me and Babygirl did today.

About three years ago I purchased some white plastic butterflies from Target. I arranged them behind her bed.  I really like the butterflies and want to keep them in the room but they really didn't have too much of a pop. Here is how it was before.

So I thought to update them and make them a little jazzy. I was able to do this with spray paint and painter's tape. I wanted to have three set, a white set, a teal set, and a white & teal set. For the white and teal set I randomly placed tape on the butterfly and then spray painted. With one coat of spray paint I had want I wanted.

And now it's back arranged how I like and all complete! This was so simple to do and I love the way it turned out.

I'm making progress!


  1. I love the teal. They really pop now!

  2. I remember when you posted this on Hometalk. Another blog I read did the same type of wall decor in her daughter's room as well. You are off to a great start with your daughter's room. I know she will love the changes you made.

    Thank you so much for you kind words about my son's room. Your comment really made me smile. I agree details make the room. Plus it's fun accessorizing!!

  3. Hey! I bought those same butterflies from target. Do you have any idea where I can find some extra adhesives or who they are made by, so I can order some?

    1. Hey! Sorry no I don't! They came with some sort of tack thing for the wall. So maybe a small tack or just adhesive glue.


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