We are making progress! [Back Deck RENO]

Wow where has the time gone! It's been a while! Although I haven't been busy with the blog I (mainly Brandon) has been busy working on the back deck.  If you remember in my previous post about my deck I talked about some plans we had for the deck. Unfortunately, we didn't have everything ready in time for Memorial Day as we hoped, but that didn't stop our party.
We have got a couple of things done over the past two months..Brandon pressure washed the deck. See the difference!

I didn't realize how dirty the deck was before it was pressure washed. I'm almost embarrassed that people saw it before! :)

Ya'll know I'm all about saving money so imagine how happy I was when my mom told us she has two cans of wood stainer....and it was the perfect color! He's started working on staining the deck today. See...

Aside from that my mother in law gifted us a patio set (more money savings, woot!) and as an anniversary gift (We celebrated our 6 year anniversary over the holiday) I got Brandon a new grill. He loves it! :) 

So here's where we are now:

1. Remove that bug infested & view obstructing bush to the left front of the deck
2. Pressure Wash Deck
3. Stain the deck
4. Add some type of shading structure
5. Furniture, plants, rugs [this is where I come in]
6. New Grill! [sounds like a good super early Father's Day gift]
7. ...and then the continuing maintenance of the grass and bushes..
We are making progress!
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