Behind the Big Green Door: Simple Update to a Vintage Chair - My $6.00 Thrift Store Find!

Simple Update to a Vintage Chair - My $6.00 Thrift Store Find!

10:39:00 AM

Well people I'm sticking to it and getting Babygirl's room together. I've been hunting for the perfect "big girl" chair for her room.  Something that would be comfy for both her use and mine when hanging out in her room. I found some really cute ones from Target and World Market that I had my heart set on. Fast Forward - I was browsing some thrift stores and ran across the cutest little vintage chair. It didn't exactly fit the requirements of being big enough for me to fit in... but hey, it was adorable, it fit her perfectly and it was only $6.00 so I went with it.

Here's the chair before

I thought to paint it but I really like the vintage feel it has. It really didn't need much work, other than a new fabric. I chose a light patterned fabric that would add some interest but not clash with the rest of what I have planned for the room.

I added a heart shaped pillow that I found on clearance at Target for $4.00 a couple of months ago.

And it's all done.

I think this simple update make a big difference

Check out my post on Reupholstering Chairs for a step by step guide of how to update your own chairs!


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  1. How cute! I love that you kept the wood finish. It does really scream vintage. And for $6!!!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I am thinking about painting now though! :) I think I'll figure out once the room is put together.

  2. Six bucks!!! That's great and you did a fantastic job with reupholstering! xo
    (and if you do decide to paint it, that will look great too!)

    1. Yes 6 bucks! I couldnt believe it! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Wow, only $6! You did good. I'm glad you didn't paint it. I like it as is too. The heart pillow is so sweet!

    1. Thanks Brandi! But I am thinking about painting now.. I'm confused on what to do! :)


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