How to Reupholster Chairs {Step-by-Step Guide}

A while ago me and Rhyan reupholstered our dining room chairs. At the time alot of people were asking me how hard it was to do and what exactly did I do... and honestly it was VERY EASY!  With my daughter as my little helper I was able to finish this in no time.

So here's our chair before...

Here it is after...

Here's what you'll need:

1. Fabric of choice - I purchased 2 sq ft for four chairs and had fabric leftover
2. Staple Gun
3. Staples
4. Scissors
5. Phillips Head Screw Driver
6. Pliers or Flat Head Screw Driver

Here's what to do:

1. Using Phillips head screw driver - unscrew chair cushion from chair frame

2. Remove current fabric from chair cushion. Fabric is usually held in place with staples. Staples can be removed using pliers or flat head screw driver. Note - this step can be skipped if you just want to cover your existing fabric

3. Center cushion on newly selected fabric (with wrong side of the fabric facing up) and wrap fabric around cushion. Note - be sure the fabric is wrinkle free by ironing before you add to your cushion! I didnt do this and was too lazy to fix it when I finished

4. Pull fabric tight around cushion and staple it once on each side in the center about an inch from the edge of the cushion

5.  Fold the corners down, think of folding a present or hotel tucked bed sheets, and staple two or three times. Be sure to pull the fabric to ensure it is tight around the cushion

6. Add final staples to the cushion in between the middle points and the corner, pulling the fabric as you go to ensure it is tight around the cushion

7. Cut off excess fabric from under the seat cushion leaving about 1/2 to 1 inch of fabric

8. Check the top side of the cushion for wrinkles before re-attaching

9. Re-attach the cushion to the chair frame.

and... TA DA! You're Done!

Ok drum roll for the total cost of this project....... $8.44!! (which was the cost of the fabric - the other tools I already had)

Have you ever thought about reupholstering chairs? Try this project and let me know how it turns out!


  1. I love the fabric that you chose! You got skills cuzzo!

  2. The change enriched the look of your chairs. Classy!


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