Thrifting: Shopping on a Rainy Day

I hope all on my ATL readers are staying dry today! I was able to get out and do some shopping before the rain got too heavy.

Over the next couple of months I will be working to update my daughter's room by giving her a "Big Girl Room" and setting up my soon to be Home Office. During my brief shopping trip I was able to find some pieces that I will add my DIY touch to that I think will be a great start to both of these rooms.

Rhyan's Big Girl Room.

Recently, I had been thinking about giving my daughter a "Big Girl Room." I'm thinking of giving her the BIG GIRL feel by upgrading her from the toddler bed to a twin size bed, adding a night stand, a lamp, painting, and some other things I may think of. I was so excited when I ran across this twin size headboard today at Value Village in Douglasville, GA. for $8.98!

Check in later to see this how I DIY this headboard!

I plan on painting it white and adding some girly touches to it.

My Home Office

I do alot of work at home whether it be school work, work-work, or blog work... I really need my own space to just WORK. My current room space is pretty much a catch all room with a's hardly a Home Office...  Today I found this $30.00 rug at Garden Ridge that I plan on adding a chevron pattern to (a great way to save money). 

Check in later to see how I DIY this rug!
I've been trying to settle on a color scheme for this room and finding this rug has helped! So I think I'm going to go with Black, White, and this Blue-Grayish color from the rug.

I am so excited about getting these two rooms together and I will keep you all updated on my progess.


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