I Heart Christmas Shopping Deals!

Who's all out doing some Christmas shopping today??

I've pretty much finished my Christmas shopping already. This year we vowed not to get our daughter any more toys...the girl has everything! Then randomly she developed a Barbie obsession! She wants Barbie everything! So I broke my rule of  "no more toys" and set out to get her some Barbie toys....most of which I got from Target.

Last night I was out with Rhyan picking up some things from Walgreens when we ran across some Barbie toys. Of course she wanted it and I told her maybe she'll get it from Santa for Christmas. (OK I know there's no Santa but we enjoying playing the Santa game with her)

The Barbie toys were only $9.99 a piece so I planned on going back up to Walgreens in the morning and picking them up.

This morning I headed back to Walgreens and I was so happy I waited a day to purchase these toys. 

They were on sale for $7.99! Got to the register and ended up paying $6.99 a piece for them using my Walgreens card!

Nothing excites me more than a good deal! and this was no exception! So of course I had to go home and see how good this deal really was. 

Here's some comparisons I found online from Ebay and Amazon for the Barbie Tub Toy:

$26.98 on Ebay and $18.99 on Amazon!...and the Barbie Styling Head.. the cheapest I found was at BrandsMart for $14.88.

The total cost of the two Barbie toys I bought was less than the cost of one on these sites! Was that a good deal or what!?

Any other parents out there who has a daughter obsessed with Barbie..check out Walgreens!

What deals have you found this Christmas shopping season and where?

See ya soon!


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