DIY: Homemade Menu Board

Christmas is right around the corner and I'm sure many of you will be hosting your family and friends for Christmas breakfast, brunch, or dinner.

Why not display a cute menu board to let your family and friends know what's on the menu!

To recreate this Cute Homemade Menu Board grab the following items:

1. 12x12 Scrapbook Paper
2. 12x12 Quick Frame
3. Pencil
4. Scissors
5. Black Sharpie Marker
6. Straight Edge (Ruler and anything with straightedge)

Here's what to do:
1.   Remove black cardboard from picture frame and line up with scrapbook paper to cut and remove excess paper. (although the scrapbook paper was the same size as the frame I found it was a little bigger than what would fit in the actual frame so I trimmed off the excess)

2. Use straight edge to make lines on scrapbook paper (you can skip this step if you are able to write in a straight line....I unfortunately cant!)

3. Use Black Sharpie to write your menu. If helpful, write it out first in pencil and then trace over it with the Sharpie.

4. Erase visible pencil marks from scrapbook paper

5. Add Scrapbook paper to frame and replace frame glass.

You can use this idea to write whatever you want. I chose a menu since I'll be hosting Christmas Breakfast in a few days. Great thing about this project you can always buy new scrap book paper to change up what you want to display. The scrap book paper here was only $.59! Total cost of this project: $6.00 (Cost of Frame and Scrapbook paper, the other items I already had)

Try this project and let me know how it turns out!

Project Update: I wanted another menu board so I went back to hobby lobby and got the supplies. I caught the 50% deals for everything so the menu only cost me $3.00! (12-9-2015)

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  1. Very cute idea! And love that it doesn't cost much to make.

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap


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