Yummy Strawberry + Banana Smoothie!

I swear I could drink smoothies all day! I usually hit up Smoothie King or McDonalds to get my fix. Yesterday, while me and my mom were out at Home Depot we ran across a great deal. A simple stainless steel blender for $9.88!

Now, I'm a smoothie making machine! I just got my blender yesterday and I'm already cranking out smoothies! I don't know why I never got a blender before.. but now that I have one.. I'll never let go!

So want to make the Strawberry + Banana Smoothie I made today?

Here's what you need:

.....It's the little & simple things that make me smile

I hate Monday mornings! am I the only one?! ....didn't think so! It's the start of a new work week and the furthest day away from Friday!

But this Monday morning wasn't so bad. I woke up to a sweet surprise and it really made my Monday!

My routine for the morning is to stumble through a very dimly lit bedroom getting dressed so not to wake others, grab my laptop out my office, run down stairs, grab my keys out the living room, hop in the car, and leave. Throughout my routine this morning I noticed that Brandon arranged a small set of flowers on each one of my "checkpoints." He knows how much I love fresh flowers!