.....It's the little & simple things that make me smile

I hate Monday mornings! am I the only one?! ....didn't think so! It's the start of a new work week and the furthest day away from Friday!

But this Monday morning wasn't so bad. I woke up to a sweet surprise and it really made my Monday!

My routine for the morning is to stumble through a very dimly lit bedroom getting dressed so not to wake others, grab my laptop out my office, run down stairs, grab my keys out the living room, hop in the car, and leave. Throughout my routine this morning I noticed that Brandon arranged a small set of flowers on each one of my "checkpoints." He knows how much I love fresh flowers!

 Office. I love that bear jar! It originally held some gummi bears.
Office.  I love this mix of hot pink, soft pink and purple!
 Living Room
Car. I loved the note!
I moved the flowers from the car to my desk at work so they wouldn't die in the hot car
..really for me, it's the simple things and the attention to small details that makes me smile. I think I'll have to give him a A+ for this.



  1. TEARS!!! That was such a beautiful surprise! He's a keeper!

  2. Awww how sweet. I'm with Ellen, He's definitely a keeper... Umm are there any brothers? lol BTW thanks for the follow. Favor returned..

  3. How sweet! Definitely a keeper!!

  4. Awww... sooooo nice.. may your marriage always be blessed with the small things in life that makes you smile..


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