It's looking so much better already! [Back Deck Reno]

We are not wasting any time getting the back deck fixed up. I want to be ready for Memorial Day Weekend to have my friends and family over. I'm picturing food, drinks, spades & dominoes. A nice comfy outdoor set, nice rug, and some shade.. sounds so relaxing! ...but until all this happens I have to get my head out the clouds and get to work.

We got that big, ugly, bug & animal infested, view obstructing bush taken down! What a difference already! (...and why did we what over a year to do this again?!?) 

Remember our checklist for the deck??

1. Remove that bug infested & view obstructing bush to the left front of the deck
2. Replace damaged wood on deck
3. Stain the deck
4. Add some type of shading structure
5. Furniture, plants, rugs [this is where I come in]
6. New Grill! [sounds like a good super early Father's Day gift]
7. ...and then the continuing maintenance of the grass and bushes..

Next up.. repairing, cleaning, and staining the deck!



  1. Looking good cuz! Looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend!

    1. Thanks cuzzo! Yes, I can't wait! PARTAAAAY!

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