Behind the Big Green Door {An Introduction}

Anybody around here noticed a major change over the last week??  Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis will know that every week I have a new banner, new background, or new format. It's that indecisiveness in me that keeps things changing around here. However, I think I'm on the road to stability and promise I won't be confusing ya'll for too much longer.

So here's the major change around here:

Blog Name:  "Behind the Big Green Door

I honestly felt the first blog name didn't truly fit me. As much as I love DIY, I am no DIY expert.. and honestly my DIY efforts come from necessity.. also known as not having enough money to pay someone to do it or buy it! Long story short... I love creating beautiful things, however that spans much further that just DIY.

Behind the Big Green Door is simply about everything that goes on in my house (Behind my Big Green front Door) I want to share more of what goes on here and most of it isn't DIY. I will still do DIY but I also want to share other things. I'm really trying to find my voice and my purpose in this blogging world and I think the experiences in these last three month has kinda put me on a path that I need to be on.

Check out more in the about section.

So there you have!

With school being back in session, I haven't been able to give my blog the love it needs. Funny enough, my midterm project for my Social Media Class was to create a blog and discuss what I believe is a new up and coming social media site. I'm a newbie to and I really like the site. So that's what I'm discussing. If you want to check it out visit The Alaya Review.

Here's a little refresher on what's going on around here:

Projects in the works:
Rhyan's Big Girls Room

Projects I'm starting although I haven't finished projects in the works:
Half Bath
Laundry Room
Front Yard
Back Yard

Ok, thank you for listening (reading) my ramblings, and bearing with me through these changes!

Until Next Time



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