Beautiful View!...Ugly Deck [Back Deck Reno Begins]

I love waking up every morning to the view of our lake. The bedroom windows faces the lake and it is really a pretty sight. Here's the view in the Spring/Summer.

But when it comes to sitting outside.... that's another story. The view is beautiful but the surroundings, in particular our back deck, is ugly! Horrible really!! 

Well Springtime is here and Brandon is in Man-beast mode (as he calls it) and has started tackling the outside of the house... first up.. The back deck!

So here's a look at the before... 

Back left of deck

Front left of deck

Front right of deck

Back right of deck

Left side viewing to the right

Right side viewing to the left

Here's our plan:

1. Remove that bug infested & view obstructing bush to the left front of the deck
2. Replace damaged wood on deck
3. Stain the deck
4. Add some type of shading structure
5. Furniture, plants, rugs [this is where I come in]
6. New Grill! [sounds like a good super early Father's Day gift]
7. ...and then the continuing maintenance of the grass and bushes..

Doesn't sound too bad. Check back for the updates we make.

See ya!



  1. Wow, what a gorgeous view you have! I bet you guys can't wait to get started so you can enjoy sitting out there.

    1. Thanks Brandi! Yes, we are ready to host some BBQs!


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