Closet Organization [Project Babygirl's Room]

Happy Saturday! For the next two weeks I am working on getting Babygirl's room together. She's transitioning into a Big Girl's Room.  I know, I have been talking about a million things and rooms I'm completing around the house. It's ok! Bare with me. I'm going to get focused soon. :)

Today, I tackled her cluttered and junky closet.  My four year old has a gazillion toys, big and small, and they are all over the place. I don't think we've gone through her toys since she was a year old. Well today was the day folks!

A cubbie system was used to organize her books, and canvas drawers were used to organize her toys sets. ie. Barbie, electronics, purses. 

I can not express how much I love BASKETS!. They really are a life saver! I used baskets, bins, and boxes to organize her smaller items.

I still want this to be considered part of her room and not just a closet. So a decorative touch was added above her cubbie.

Babygirl doesn't have the biggest room, so using her closet as part of her room works out perfectly. She now has her storage and toy area on one side of the closet and a place to hang clothes on the other.

 ..and what did we do with all that stuff. It's found a new home between the trash, Goodwill Donation, and an upcoming yard sale.

There's tons of closet organization inspiration around the web, but this post by The Home I Create is great for a read! Check it out: HERE!

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