DIY: Gold Metallic Alphabet Magnets

Since the beginning of the year I've been on a major purge mission. We've lived in our home for over three years now and STILL have things packed in boxes! Terrible I know, but once you stick something in the closet, out of sight, you kinda forget about it.

During one of my purge sessions I ran across my daughters old alphabet letter magnets. She played with them all the time as a toddler and she was so excited when I showed them to her. Ever since, they have been on my fridge. She creates little notes for us or just makes random words. As cute as it is watching her play with them, I just could not stand the colors... so mismatched, uncoordinated, just a mess. So with some spray paint I had on hand I gave them a couple of coats and now they have a uniform look. She's happy and mama's happy. All is perfect in the world again :)

To do:
1. Line up your letters on a piece of cardboard
2. Give the letters several coats of spray paint (allow for the paint to dry in between each coat)
3. Enjoy!

She's happy and mama's happy. All is perfect in the world again :) Do you have some letters laying around, give this a try!


  1. Love how they turned out and your pictures look good!!!!!


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