To Sectional or To Not Sectional....That is the Question!

How do you all feel about sectionals???  I have been battling back and forth over rather or not to put one in my living room. Well actually, I have one, so I should explain better. When we first moved in I purchased a sectional from World Market. I absolutely loved it! It is very versatile. All the pieces come apart so you can arrange the set how you would like. For the first year it was a sectional, then broken up into pieces, then some pieces were put in other room and I had one couch with two chairs.

Well now I'm back on my sectional train so it's back in the living room... and I'm not sure how I went so long without it! I need you all to tell me what you think about it.

Here's the room before

Now with the sectional.

I personally have always like them. I think they instantly make a room feel cozy. The sectional helps to divide up my living space since I am in an open concept floor plan. Also, they are great for lounging! My daughter is already kicked up on it.

What I love most about this sectional is that it is so comfy. I'm curled up right now in the corner as I type this post.

So now I have the sectional and this gorgeous chair I will share about sometime soon. This room is still very much under construction so once completed I will have a post about the finished living room.

Ok and this is not the prettiest picture and my child has completely taken over the TV, but it gives you an idea of my sight line now with the sectional. I can see all the way through to my entryway.

So what do you think? To sectional or to not sectional? ......that is the question!


  1. I think that the couch looks good either way. When I came by I really loved how it looked, but I am sure this looks just as good. The fact that it breaks apart into multiple ways is so cool and I wish I had something like this when I purchased my sectional.


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