BBGD Picks: 9 Unique Barstools Under $100

I'm trying something new here and will share my weekly picks for home decor items. Right now I'm dreaming of some new bar stools for under my small bar area, but I've been put on new project punishment by my better half until I finish some of these incomplete projects around the house. So, in the meantime I'll dream of these barstools. See my picks below.

1. Threshold Colored Bar Stool - $100: Target
I love the classic look of this stool, plus the color. It looks really comfortable. It would fit well in a classic or traditional themed home

2. Fuji Contemporary Stool - $98:
If you are looking for a modern stool, this one would be a great choice. It's simple and clean lines would fit into any modern space.

3. Industrial Manifesto Charlie Stool - $100:
Something about this stool is so cute to me, it is certainly unique. This is another modern one that would fit well in a modern space. I picture a loft or studio apartment.

4. Udder Madness Bar Stool - $80: Kirklands
I've always loved animal print, I typically see leopard or cheetah print home decor so this cow print is much welcomed. I think this could fit into any space. It would be a great pop of pattern.

5. Mudhut Andres Saddle - $95: Target
I love wicker barstool. The look great and they are also comfortable. These can fit into a contemporary space easily. Ive actually had my eyes on these for a while... just waiting for a sale or clearance :)

6. Ore International Folding Chair - $77: Target
This one is a bit of a stretch but I picture them being taller and with a shorter bar. This would be great for a modern space. This cost covers two chairs.

7. Blake Bar Stool Stone - $60:
I love the color of this stool, it is super modern and looks small enough to squeeze in a tight space if needed.

8. Hyacinth Bar Stool - $99: ZGallerie
Here comes that wicker I love again. This is my #2 possible purchase. The high back with make seating my sturdy and comfortable. I would put this in any design except for modern

9.Threshold Industrial Swivel Barstool -$54: Target
If you need a pop of color, this one is for you. I love the shade of blue and the industrial look. Perfect for a small apartment or studio loft. This would fit anything any modern design

What do you think of these picks? Do you have a favorite?


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