Dining Room Inspiration - Breaking Up [with] Matchy Furniture Series

As my style continues to evolve I have found that matching furniture sets has to be my least favorite things in life. (If you have a matching set, nothing personal, just my personal preference) I have a matching dining room set, table and four chairs, that I purchased about 5-6 years ago. It's a very nice set and I always get compliments on it, but it bores me now. So I'm working on way to make the set look less matchy and less "out of the store".

Here is the exact set that I have. This is a picture from a site that sells the same one. I would take a picture of what I have now but the table is covered with all of my daughters toys. :)

It really is a nice set, but like I said, the matchy matchy is boring me. So I'm gathering inspiration on how to break up the set and sharing some ideas I found

I love how Heather Scott Home & Design broke up their set by using varying types of styles for their chairs.

This makeover featured on PopSugar is another great source of inspiration. I've changed seat covers many times, so I can't say this is a new idea, but I do love the change that they made to their chairs

Another idea I've found is to paint or stain your table. I'm not sure if I have the nerve to paint my table, but I am really considering restaining. Here are some ideas from Family Feed Bag and Live Pretty on a Penny.

I'm still trying to figure what to do with this lazy susan in the middle of the table, so if you have any ideas please share them with me!

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