BBGD Picks: 6 Fabulous IKEA Chandeliers Under $100

It's time for another round of under $100 picks! This week's weekly picks is all about IKEA Chandeliers! If you are looking for a instant way to give your room a new look and feel consider changing out your light fixture and replacing it with a chandelier. You can do this in any room, and I'm thinking about doing it in my closet! I want to jazz up the closet and a chandelier will work perfectly.. ok so now onto the picks!

1. Stockholm- $99.99
This has to be my favorite of all my picks....and most expensive. I think this could nicely in an entryway or jazzed up walk in closet.

2. Fillsta - $29.99
Here is a good option for a kids bedroom or play room. It is very casual but still will liven up a space. Plus you can't go wrong for only $30!

3. ONSJO - $59.99
This is my second favorite. I just love the modern look of it. I would place this in my dining room. A cool thing about this (according to the IKEA website) because it is a LED light source, it consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
4. Maskros - $59.99
I love this chandelier! It's so girly and chic. You can put this anywhere really. I want to put it in my living room but I'm sure I'll some push back from Mr. So I need someone to place this in their living room now so I an live through them!
 5. Knappa - $24.99
This one is another cutie that could go in a kids bedroom or playroom. It's simple but still adds a little pop to the room!

6. Kristaller - $39.99
This is a great option for a girl cave, or princess bedroom. I'm tempted to add this to my daughter's bedroom.

So which of these picks do you like, are you tempted to go get any of them??

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