PROJECT: #1Room30Days Kickoff: Patio Makeover

I'm back again with another 30 day project! This will be the last one for a while! I am working on my front patio. When I was house shopping I always wanted a house with a large front patio that I could put chairs on and make super cozy.

...truth is, is that I love to people watch. I'm like the old lady in the neighborhood that watches all the cars go by and knows everyone's schedule. No Shame! lol

I spent this week pulling together some inspiration. I actually have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to my inspiration that you can check out HERE!

Here is my favorite!

I want these lights so bad too!

I also want to be able to enjoy my area, so I have to make sure my area is mosquito free. I live near a lake so the mosquitoes are REAL! I'll be using some of these ideas here!

(Click the pictures for the original sources)

Stay tuned for all my updates!


  1. I am going to have to try adding some of those plants in to my garden - thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to see how your patio comes together - your inspiration is lovely. :)

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