No Passport? Visit 3 Awesome Places in Puerto Rico

So you want to go to an island, but you don't have a passport. If you are in the U.S, without a passport there are a few place you can go...and Puerto Rico is one of them.

I am one of those people without a passport, which is limiting, however it is not the end all. My sisters and I recently took a trip to Puerto Rico, that was pretty awesome. There was plenty to do there, here are 3 of the places we visited that you can put on your checklist for your next trip there!

Isla Verde Beach, Carolina PR

Isla Verde Beach was one of the first spots we visited. I loved how calm and relaxing the beach was. We went in December, which we heard was cold for the locals, but for us the 80 degree temperature was perfect.

The thing I love most about this beach were the little food and bar stands. I hit a couple of them up for a Daiquiri in a pineapple and chicken on a stick. Delish! The water was beautiful too. Not super clear and blue, but was really nice.

Behind the beach is a street filled with plenty of stores to hit up. There's also a tiki bar in close proximity. 

Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

If you are looking to learn more about Puerto Rico culture you will really want to check out this museum. The art ranged from large pieces that spanned the whole wall to 3D life size murals.

I won't give away all the goodies with my pictures but I will say I was not disappointed. The museum is three stories high and even offers more pretty things to look at in its garden. The fish pond in the garden was beautiful!

Old San Juan

Old San Juan was amazing. When visiting this area, put on your walking shoes! There are literally so many streets to walk on that you probably won't see everything unless you dedicate a whole day to it. In the courtyard there was a live show. Ladies dressed in white showed a packed crowd dances that were native to Puerto Rico. Also apart of the show, was a female drum band. It was so interesting watching and learning more about the culture.

I loved the painted shops. Every building was a different color that blended together beautifully. We ran across an alley so pretty that we could not resist taking a picture.

We did quite a bit of shopping here for souvenirs. So if you are in need of some this would be the area to visit to find some great unique items.

So now you see, no passport, no worries! There are still options out there. Tell me, have you ever visited Puerto Rico? What were some of your favorite places?


  1. Now you have me wanting to go on vacation !!! Puerto Rico looks absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Man o man am I longing for a vacation! These places look absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing and giving some travel ideas! I love your photo in that beautiful alley.

  3. So glad you had a great trip! I really enjoyed your pictures!!


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