How to Perfectly Organize a Bathroom

The bathroom, easily one of the most hectic places in the house. From making a morning mad dash getting ready for work to trying to keep all the kids bath toys off of the floor... the bathroom just becomes one of those places where things are all over the place.

This month, I'm partnering up with some awesome bloggers to bring you #10DaysofOrganizing. Check the links at the bottom of this post to read about how to get your home organized.

A couple weeks ago I showed you how to refresh your bathroom cosmetically. Today I'll be sharing how to get your bathroom organized. Follow these 4 easy tips for a perfectly organized bathroom.

1. Throw Away Old Products

In the bathroom many product tends to pile up. The ones that we don't use frequently ends up finding it's way under the sink. If you haven't used the product in the last 3-6 months it should be on it's way to the trash can. Once you purge everything you don't need or use you can begin to organize!

2. Organize Under the Sink


Under the sink can get really least at my house.  A great way to keep everything in its place is to put everything in designated areas. I picked up these clear bins from Target and updated them with the super cute Mambi stickers from Hobby Lobby. 

Another great thing about the bins is that they minimize the amount of clutter that can build up. If you don't have any more space in a particular bin, that will be a easy cue to know it's time to purge again.


Adding a shelf under the sink allows for more organized storage. By adding a shelf I was able to place two smaller bins on one side of the sink where I could split my products into more categories.

3. Place Small Everyday Use Items in Jars 

Everyday use items such as cotton balls and Q-tips should be place in jars. Not only does it keep things organized, but it also looks more polished.

4. Add Additional Storage

There is only so much space under the sink for storage. When you need more space bring in small pieces such as an etagere or a rolling cart. The space behind your toilet usually goes unused so an etagere is perfect for that area.

A rolling cart is used in our bathroom to hold everyday items and also towels/washcloths.

Did these ideas help you? Is so, share a pic and tag #BBGDTipsWork
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  1. This is great Alaya! I love the rolling cart for extra storage! The painted etagere is perfect for wasted space! Great tips!

  2. Love the labels on your bins, Alaya! I definitely need to do something like this in my bath cabinet.

    1. Thank you Whitney! I love the labels so much!

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  4. Declutter First.
    Keep the Counters Clutter-Free.
    Use the Inside of Cabinet Doors for Storage.
    Use drawer dividers.
    Have a Caddy for Each Member of the Family.
    Add a laundry bin.
    Hang towels from hooks instead of towel bars.
    Use clear acrylic containers.

  5. ave your sanity in the morning and pay attention here. These best bathroom organization ideas will get your washroom tidy in no time, from fresh rack and shelving ideas to drawer organizers and more. Big thanks!

  6. Mount a Towel Rack.
    Hang Basket Shelves.
    Separate Bathroom Storage Items.
    Designate a Cleaning Supply Cabinet.
    Use Adhesive Hooks for Tools.
    Hang an Organizer in the Bathroom.
    Mount Magnetic Strips.
    Find Unusual Storage Spaces.

  7. Keep like items in their own labeled storage bins underneath the sink or in the linen closet. contact us

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  9. Gather all your toiletries in one place (this includes those from all bathtubs/showers as well as any cupboards, drawers, and closets they may be in throughout your house)
    Throw away any products that are expired or old.
    Throw away (or re-package) any items that are leaking.


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