Style Crush: TRYP Wyndham - Puerto Rico

Welcome to the Style Crush Series! I'm super excited to start sharing places I visit that inspire me and my style. Last month I visited Puerto Rico, it was an awesome trip. My two best friends and I spent time just relaxing and hanging out at the beach. 

We split our time between two hotels and fell absolutely in love with the second hotel: TRYP Wyndham. 

This super modern space was so pretty and trendy. Walking into the hotel I was IN LOVE! This is the first view that you will see to your left. THE CHANDY! Seriously, this chandelier, absolutely beautiful! The things I love most about this space is this oversized ottoman and the lighting. The color scheme really caught my eye too.

If you walk back through this area you will run into the gorgeous sitting area. Again, the lights are just too much for me to handle! I'm obsessed with them. I picture this type of decor in a modern loft. The studio light type floor lamp would really be perfect for a modern space.

The chairs here give me a Gothic-Modern feel. I've been really into navy blue lately so I could easily picture these in my home... unfortunately I don't have the space for something this big. Lastly, the high ceilings in this place added to the dramatic flare.

The bedrooms, although small, pack a lot through decor! I was instantly drawn to the colors in the room.

 The fuchsia, white, orange and shades of blues all come together perfectly. I never would have thought to combine these colors. The color blocking is so simple and the stripped pillows add just enough interest to the space.

I wasn't 100% sure how I felt about the TV area, the pattern wasn't my favorite but I do like the idea of making the TV area a decorative area with the fabric backdrop. Adding the orange shelf looks great to me.

The ottoman matched perfectly with the pillow on the bed. As I mentioned the room was small so these were a great option for additional seating. If you have a small area where you need extra seating you should def consider a pair of sturdy but stylish ottomans.

Lastly, I love this sliding door. It's great for a tight small spaces. Instead of taking up extra space with opening a door, this door slid to the left. I loved the frosted glass too. It made the space feel less closed in but still offered the privacy needed for the bathroom. 

I'm not big on wall sticker decor, but i loved this one. Again, it saves on space and it's a bold way to add decor with the splash of black paint.

There was so much I loved about this space, it's perfect inspiration for how to decorate a small space in a modern and classy way.

What do you love most about this space? Are you crushing on this space?


  1. This hotel was super chic! And that color combo with the stripes! I feel like the color combo was pretty but the stripes tone it down visually. Love it! Cant wait to see more from your style series posts.

    1. yes those stripes were just perfect. I felt so inspired decor-wise after staying there!

  2. wow, that hotel looks gorgeous! and those poofs! love!

    1. Yes! I looooved those poofs! I heard it's a renovated Howard Johnson, I was like wow!

  3. wow, that hotel looks gorgeous! and those poofs! love!

  4. I love a visually appealing hotel! Those chandeliers were amazing and that sliding door has given me an idea. Can't wait for more!

    1. Yes, the chandeliers!! I want me a sliding door now!


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