Eclectic Dining Room

It took about three months to get this space finished. This is my first time actually having a room fully completed in my house with everything I love. Over the years I would say my style has shifted a bit from contemporary to more of an eclectic vibe. It kinda fit my personality. I'm simple but there a bit of randomness that just goes. 

Initially looking at the room you may notice the beautiful wall map. This mural was painted by my god-sister, by hand, no stencil, no tracing.. just straight free forming. It was amazing watching it all come together. I tried to stay out of her way as she created it, but it was hard to not just stare and watch.

I've spoken about before my recent love of travel. Granted I've only been on one international trip, but I have been making some progress in seeing new cities domestically. One thing I'm trying to infuse into everything I design is my passions. I love to entertain and I love to travel. This map is a bit of an encouraging reminder to get out and see the world.  Every time I visit a new city I put a push pin in the wall.

When it come to entertaining, I'm pretty simple,  I like to have my favorite drink with my favorite people. I purchased two of the IKEA shoe cabinets and turned it into my mini bar. It holds all my special glass and drinks, discretely.

Another new addition to the room was my light fixture. I wanted something simple that would stand out and I was surprised to find that Target carried beautiful light fixtures... this is no plug, I was just truly surprised. It also wasn't too bad on the pocket. I believe it was about $129.00. Because I'm not a fan of downward light I did not put a bulb in the bottom of the chandy, but I don't think it looks to bad without one.

This is no doubt my most favorite room I have put together. I am absolutely in love. My daughter loves it too and hangs out and reads in the dining room. And lastly, I purchase a new table from American Signature, again another surprise find that was not expensive. Only $260. 

I spray painted my silver metal chairs a bronze finish to match with the chandy. I love love love it all. I can't want to finish the next area of my house!

If you want to get an idea of my style and the different phases of the dining room check out this post:

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  1. Oooh Alaya, I love how your dining room turned out! That wall!!! You did that! I never knew Target sold light fixtures either! Love your use of the Ikea cabinets! 😍😍

  2. Hey Alaya! I love the new look of your dining room! Spraying your chairs was such a beautiful idea. I love how the bronze color, black walls and greenery in the room play off each other.

  3. I just this dining room. I liked each and every detail. I just love these designs. Much appreciated for sharing this post.



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