PROJECT: #1Room30Days Week 1: Home Office Makeover

We have come to the end of week one of PROJECT: 1 Room 30 Days. This week we focused on decluttering, cleaning and taking inventory around the house. I was able to get a lot of that done this week and also I was able to find a desk for my space. Although we are focusing on certain tasks every week, we of course and working on other things in the room too!

If you remember from my last post, I wanted an area that could be used by two people. So here is some progress I made through the week.

I purchased the Linnmon Desk and Adlis legs from IKEA for about $60.00. I was looking for a low cost option for this space since I can't say I will be in here a lot. I think I'll make bigger investment for the bedroom that is soon to come.  I had my little helper on deck to help out with putting the desk together so it took no time at all.

Remaining plans for this area is to paint the file cabinet that I found at Goodwill for about $7.00 - I want it to serve as drawers for the desk so I will need to build something under it to heighten it a bit-paint the walls and add some shelving. I also plan on incorporating the corkboard wall I post in my last post as well.

I do have the other side of the room mostly completeed and you can check that out HERE.

Check out some of the other participants progress as well:

These talented ladies have some big plans in the works!

For my non-bloggers you can catch all the action on Instagram: Search hashtag #1Room30days

Thanks for reading and more details to come on my next weekly recap!

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